Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I had a whole other post planned for Thoughtful Thursday, until I read High Road Quilter's post yesterday, January 26, 2011, titled "Oprah's High Road".  High Road Quilter's blog post
Shasta asked,  "What does taking the high road mean to you?"
My comment, "Taking the High Road to me is letting the sunshine around me shine through me. When I gather up my talents, and stretch the undeveloped ones, I get closer to this desire of my heart."
My question is the same to you,
 "What does taking the high road mean to you?"


~Laurie~ said...

Taking the high road to me means something a little different. To me, it means following your own dream when others are going in completely the opposite way. Not worrying about what others think - doing the right thing when others won't. Just my 2 cents for today :)

Shasta said...

Thanks for the link! I usually see "taking the high road" in reference to arguments, where you are the "better person." Thanks for showing me that it isn't applicable just to arguments and (potential) conflicts.

Quilt Hollow said...

Thanks for the link....I did comment there if you wanted to see what I said. :-)
I'm working on that high road now that I wrote that! LOL

Mamacessories said...

I love your thoughts, thank you for sharing that with us. I have always thought of it as making sure I was trying to be a better me, to look at things with a positive point of view, the good and not the bad.