Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st -Time for Tea and Embroidery

Time for Tea and Embroidery

Lindy Munday who owns Bearpaws and Hollyhocks was receptive to my "brainy" idea of having an open Tea Party AND relaxing with our embroidery or other hand work.  I think in my "sales pitch," I said something like, "make a Tea Party and they will come."  Yes, I was stretching it when I played on the title of one of my favourite movies about baseball, "Field of Dreams."  Lindy, had a little twinkle in her eye and said, "Yes!"  Thank you Lindy!!!!  

January 29th was the first Time for Tea and Embroidery.  

My mother who came down from the Old Country to celebrate her birthday the previous day and to celebrate mine a week later was up for the event. Plans for the Tea had been made long before her visit plans were made.  Well, we had so much fun reminiscing about Teas of our past.  Afternoon Teas in friends homes were the norm.  There is nothing like a bunch of ladies sitting around in someone's living room balancing tea cups and saucer and tea goodies, but no one let that stop them.  Most showers were tea parties, there were teas after bridge groups, funerals, in the back yard, engagement celebrations, and trousseau teas were really big.  I know I am not mentioning half of them.

I set the menu and we had fun preparing the squares and the sandwiches.  

My mother making the sandwiches.  

And I made the squares.

Blushing here - I forgot to take pictures of the set up or during the Tea.  What can I say - I was having too much fun.  The above picture and the one that follows where after I had begun to pack up to go home.  Sorry!  The best laid plans - out the window.

The Tea was pretty and we all had a fun time, especially my mother.  She dragged an old, very old stitchery, down with her.  She thought that she might enjoy picking it up again.  

Kim gave me a formatting lesson at dinner last night, and I am excited to see if I got her lesson.  There is nothing like taking notes on a paper placemat....  Thank you Kim.

2nd Time for Tea and Embroidery to follow in the next post - if my formatting turned out.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Got Out... and Went Shopping

Well, yesterday, I got out and went shopping, where else, Bearpaws and Hollyhocks.
Yes, siree, nothing like a little fabric therapy (Martinique by Moda - 2 Charms Packs and a Honey Bun AND a book out called Feedsack Secrets - Fashion from Hard Times by Gloria Nixon by Kansas City Star Quilts.)

I think this weekend I need to get out my Schnibbles patterns and match up the Martinique Charm Packs to one of them.  You know, (true confession here....)  some play with the buttons they collect, I play with charm packs and Schnibbles patterns, shish what does that tell you about me - don't answer!

Well, I am off to finish my preparations for my Time for Tea and Embroidery Tea Party at Bearpaws and Hollyhocks this afternoon.  It is a windy, blustery day here and a great day to have a Tea Party with friends.


PS - again,  Kim is going to give me a formating lesson today after the Tea Party.  Please bear with me until I get the formatting refined.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans

This morning my sis in the "Old Country" sent me the following You Tube piece presented by Tom Brokaw titled - 

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada

 To Americans

No matter which side of the border (the 49th parallel), that you live, 
this is a piece worth watching. In fact I invite all of you to view the piece 
no matter which "side of the pond" around the world that you live, 
it is a piece worth watching.  It is not long, make a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. (It is only a couple of minutes.)

O Canada - the true north strong and free.

I would love to read what you have to say about the piece.

PS - I apologize for the formatting problems tonight, I have tried four times to fix it, and I am throwing in the towel.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Quilt Book Club

Our Quilt Book Club members are about the nicest people you ever want to met.  Each member is different from the other and our diversity draws us together more.  We each share our two cents worth and our discussions are lively.  Show and Tell before our book discussion is the best!   And last but not least each is an avid reader, oh, and a pretty darn good treat maker!!! 

This picture was taken at the meeting this month, which happened to be on my birthday, Feb. 5th.  
 Check out the scarf that my dear DIL, whom I call my "daughter in heart", made for my birthday.  It's the second project she has ever made!!  I love it.

Something kind of sweet is one of our members is not a quilter, she happened by Bearpaws and Hollyhock while waiting for her son to have his eye glasses looked at by the Optomitrist, who has a shop in the same complex.  She wondered around the shop and it felt good to her.  Her husband had recently died and finding a place to feel good in drew her to wondering a little longer.  Long enough to discover there was a Book Club and that she would be welcomed.  All I know is that if she was not in the Book Club there would be a huge hole there.  Her gifts are many and we would miss out in the fun of explaining things like what a Fat Quarter is.  

One of our members was missing due to a grandsons game, so we had a full group on the fifth of February for the picture.  Each of us are so dedicated to being there that times of trips, surgeries and other what-nots that come along are arranged around being able to be together on the first Friday evening of the month, (accept children's weddings and grandchildren's games.)  :o)

Kim is going to be joining us in March.  She is one very busy woman, yet with being off work for the next couple of months, AND she reads all the books we do, her two cents will be welcomed.  Speaking of Kim, keep her in your thoughts and prayers this week - she starts very painful therapy on her arms and hands today.  You can send her your speedy recovery wishes by following the link on my side bar - Kimsbigquiltingadventure.

Do you belong to a book club?  I would love to hear about your experience if you do.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Toes Up

Enough already about my toes.  See what happens when I have too much time on my hands (well, my bottom with toes up!)  I am having fun joking around about this predicament, but enough already, except - one last post on the subject ----
Diane at Month of Sundays mentioned her sister had foot surgery the same day I did and she mentioned "help" that her sister might not be getting.  My words of advice to pass on and for any of you who might find this helpful, "... some FYI to pass on to your sister.  Get her a whistle.  Not a little silver or china bell, get her an all around good old fashioned plastic whistle.  My neighbour gave me one when I had my first mastectomy.   A bright Yellow Whistle!

(She is a very wise woman, knows men and she also knew the men in my house.)  I thought that you would like to see a picture of it.  It has saved my life, well, not really, just made a great need get met a few times.  AND you can bet I am not getting rid of it.  I hardly have used it, yet, I keep it tucked away in a secret place, these many years, so it will not disappear.  

My DH did go out today for Neosporin Ointment.  For the next two week I have to soak my tootsies 2 times a day, and afterwards lather on Neosporin (my big toes) and then swaddle them (my big toes) in bulky non-stick bandages.  Cute, eh!  DH also picked up a Cadbury Caramello bar for me and Tapioca Pudding.

 (Yes, they are my favourite comfort foods - I guess I am stretching it by calling them comfort foods.)  I guess I will keep him....  (surgery was Wednesday, this is Friday).

I completely forgot about the Sew-In tonight - sorry Heidi - next month.  I think I will just stick with the panel that I am embroidering and relax.  I have a couple of things calling my name, but they will have to wait.

How long does it take for recovery?  Any of you have this done?  Please let me know how long it was for you.  Most important to recovery is not getting an infection or infections.  Then the biggy - shoes.  I think for now I will be wearing sandals with socks over the bandages bkz I can not get my feet into my shoes.  :o)

What are you working on this evening?

As for me I am soaking my feet and watching Denmark and Canada in the curling match.  AND then creme de la creme, Ice Dancing starts tonight.  O Canada, eh!  I think I hear my accent returning.

What I am up to while my two toes are up -

Nothing exotic - why?
Throbbing, burning toes and Tylenol.
Also naps, hobbling back and forth to the bathroom, and foraging for something to eat that I do not have to make.  I have gone through all the chocolate chips and pretzels left over from the super bowl weekend.  Yes, I know fruit and veggies would be better for me, yet, when I am not feeling 100% there is nothing like salt and sugar.
With all that in mind, do you think I would work on something special?  Not!
This is a panel that I have for times when I wait in a doctors office.  It makes me feel like I am being productive when I need to pay attention to dodging people coughing or a small one with green snot and bright fever rosy cheeks.  It also has been great to stitch on while watching the Olympics.
I am loving the Curling, Hockey, and Figure Skating!

What are you doing while you are watching the Olympics?

Happy Friday, DH is home, maybe I will have a gofer?? Not.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Nails

So, I was telling the Doctor......
And looked what happened.
I am sure that many of you have been through this exciting experience!? Nail surgery, both sides of both big toes.  Well, what the heck, why not get it all over with at the same time!  I wonder if I can get out of making dinner tomorrow night too?

Something very special to share  — one of my sweet Knot-y Embroidery Ladies entered (for the first time) one of her works of art to the Folsom Quilt Show.  She not only won a ribbon for the best in the category of interpreting a master piece SHE WON THE BEST OF SHOW!!  Well Done Nancy.  You are an inspiration!

(I apologize for the poor photograph, it was taken across the classroom and then my battery went dead.  Nancy's work is breath taking when you see it up close, and her work holds your eyes to explore in wonder!)

How are you doing, getting any Olympic watching in?

PS - Kim was able to make it to class on Monday evening.  She was looking good and as happy to be out with us all as we were to  have her with us.  There is much PT and recovery still ahead for her, she is feeling better though and that is something to celebrate.  Hooray for you KIM!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sandys Giveaway Prize Arrived

I got it, I got it!!!!

Thank you Sandy!

Sandy at

Sandy's blog caught my attention - quote follows:

One Year Giveaway

Today marks my first year blogiversary! I wrote my first little post hoping someone might read it and leave a comment. Thanks to a couple of friends that had blogs already, they helped spread the word. I have met a lot of great gals from all over the world and love hearing about their stories and accomplishments. I get so inspired daily by so many talented crafters/quilters that share their ideas with all of us. I hope that something I have made or suggested might have helped or inspired somebody also. So to share a little in honor of my year of fun, I am giving the following away to celebrate. A darling pattern from the Acorn Quilt & Gift Company, Betsy's Closet....several half yard pieces of the cute fabric, Doll Dresses.....a charm pack of Spring Magic by April Cornell for Moda.....and a 5 1/2 inch ruler (one of those things I bought and had already, yes, you have done the same thing). This all will help us think Spring!
Sandy Dear your package has arrived safe and did make me think of Spring.  
When I actually held the pattern and the fabric I began planning a quilt for our
little soon to be two year old granddaughter. There is no way that I will be able to make up the cute quilt pattern between now and her birthdate, yet, I am 
going to start. Seems to me that it should be done well ahead of her 2 
and a half year birthday. The 5.5 inch square is one that I have wanted
to get for myself. How did you know that I ne-e-e-ded it!?

I am touched by the card that you sent. On the front of the card are three
lovely tea pots with an inscription that says, "...serve one another in love."  
You are an example of serving one another and I will pass on your gift of giving. (I have my first anniversary coming up in April....)

Enjoy the pictures and lucky me gets to enjoy the gifts. Thank you Sandy!

Thank you Sandy!

If you are so kind as to leave a comment, I will forward them on to Sandy.
Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Poo Poo Paper - Am I the only one who didn't know?

LIFE  has been busy with my mother visiting from the "old country" for the past twelve days.  She needs one on one and I kept her busy.  On the way to the airport this morning, she said she really enjoyed her visit with our family.  

I feel like I have been away and want to catch up with all of you - my blogette friends.  Sewing and Stitching has mostly gone by the wayside and I hear some thread and fabric wanting to be made into something fun.  Well, why not!!

After getting home from the airport, I sat right down at the computer, and a cup of tea.  Wondering was really what I have been doing and came across this interesting information and thought of you.  Hee!  Hee!  Perhaps I am the only one who has not heard of this unique item - then again, perhaps not. Check it out - it is for real.

"Turning Poo to Paper

Your source for hand made paper stationery.


The making of paper starts with the collection and processing of the dung pulp. Elephant dung is typically full of short to medium grained fibrous materials from the elephants diet which when processed makes excellent paper:


• We collect naturally dried elephant dung poo from elephant conservation parks and bring it back to our paper-making factory."

It makes me LOL and then think OMGosh - what do you think?  Are you ordering any?

Well, I am off to do laundry and find a stitchery.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Give Away's Happening In Blogland

Some fun give away traveling this morning and they are too good not to share:


This one ends today - but go see what she is giving away - pretty neat!


Another Delightful GiveAway


I hope your sunday is a peaceful one.  Thank you for stopping by, hope you come visit again soon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Quilting Friends are Like Humming Birds

An excerpt from the "other" blog I had- 

Last night was a special quilting friends night out.  It had started out as a Saturday Road trip up into the foothills to visit quilt shops.  One of the shops in Sonora is owned by one of my students and we were excited to see her “100 bolts of Flannel.”  Well, life and the times and the weather threw a monkey wrench into our best laid plans.  No Problem, Ethel, Lucy, Thelma and Louise are never at a lose for ideas!  You know I think going on field trips is an excuse for getting together and talking.  Girls just need to have fun.
Thelma and Louise had dinner at Ettore’s, a local restaurant and bakery.  The owner is from Switzerland and almost everything on the menu has won some sort of award.  My burger was made with beef raised without all the “stuff” in it, smothered in fresh sautéed mushrooms, grilled to my preferred doneness (no groans now, I like it well done) - the best burger I have ever eaten.  Sorry, I forgot my camera.
After dinner we headed down to Lodi to meet up with Ethel and Lucy and Ethel’s sweet little girl.  (She is a sweetheart to put up with the four of us....  She was kept in cookies and something to drink, plus she came prepared with her Ipod.)

So, what is the connection of quilting friends to humming birds?

They both delight me.  

Each morning I get my cup of tea and watch their feeder outside my kitchen window while I sit and visit with blogland quilting friends.  Both zip into my life and I love that they linger awhile over something to drink.  Both have talents that are remarkable and each creates their own way on this journey called life.  I am thankful that my quilting friends and humming birds cross my path.    It is a joy to have both in my life.  I celebrate them!  They lift me up and fill my life with a delight that is wrapped in a giggle deep inside.  My heart is full and my life is uplifted for having quilting (and embroidery) friends and humming birds.
Do you have any quilting friend and/or humming birds in your life?  I would love to hear about them.
Thank you for stopping by - it means a lot to me if you leave a comment.  Thanks!