Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Stinky Feet Beat

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are here - have been for a week - we are loving every minute!  I thought that I would come up for air and share a bit of our goings on.  This is hot of the press and the very first issue featuring the 
Stinky Feet Beat

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cowgirl - For The Love of Cowgirl

Cowgirl Boot
Bootiful! Applique Quilt Pattern Artist:  OK Carol Rockwell

Artist made by - Sylvia Gauthier, Cody Wy

The following is the post from Kelly Ann's Quilting on July 5th, 2010
Kelly Ann's Quilting

Monday, July 5, 2010


As most of you know I'm a pretty big dog lover...as a matter of fact I love most animals...I say most cause some just don't do it for me.  A dear friend of my mine loves, and I mean LOVES her dogs, they are her fur children. Well her little girl, Cowgirl is having some problems with one of her legs.  It appears that Cowgirl has cancer and is in need of some treatments, and in order to help pay for these treatments Traci is raising funds through her etsy store, Sundancer  So I'm gonna send some stuff her way to help her raise some bucks to help the girl...take a hop over to Traci's site and see what she has going on...who knows you might find something that is perfect for your home, your friends home, your mothers home, your sisters home...okay y'all get the picture....and to send you off with a smile...here's a picture of Cowgirl...
now look...is that not one of the sweetest faces you've ever seen..
thanks for stopping by Traci's etsy shop..
Kelly Ann
End of Quote. 

If you can help Traci and Cowgirl through this difficult journey please stop by her Esty Shop.  I found the Cowgirl Boot there.    After checking with Kelly Ann and Sylvia - this is a true need.  Perhaps you are able to send a donation or creation for her Esty Shop - check with Traci at the link above. 
mail (531×800)
mail (512×640)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tootles Is Different Then Tootling

Tootling is making little warbling sounds either by mouth or with a musical instrument such as a flute.
       From the Dictionary of Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady.


variation of goodbye, cya, later, etc.
Betsy: Bye Fran, I'm off to the pool.
Fran: Tootles

Until next time, tootles.
It's an old country thing - something in my genetic makeup.........

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thelma and Louise Ride Again - Part 2

Third capitol of California, BeniciaImage via Wikipedia

Tried last night for the life of me and I could not get this into my post - operator error no doubt!  
We had such a good day - it cleared out all the cobwebs for me and being in cooler sea breezes totally refreshed me from the valley heat.

Benicia was our destination and after there we  ventured on to two quilt shops Cotton Patch in Lafeyette, Ca., and Thimble Creek, Concord, Ca.  Both minutes away from the lovely downtown Benicia, Ca.

On our trip home we stopped off at the "Premium Outlets" near Vacaville, and I introduced Kim (I can't remember who was Thelma or Louise on that trip...) to purchasing French (yes, made in France) cosmetics at an outlet shop there.  (One learns about these things in the old country...)

Thanks for stopping by - come again.
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Thelma and Louise Ride Again

07.13.10+008.jpg (1440×1051)
Our official mode of transportation. 
 Never thought to show you what we took our adventures in.  We are both camera shy, so would not catch us posing on the fender.  The box in the back seems to hold all of our treasures, and with our goggles on we are good to go.
Working of a slide show and I can not get it to work tonight.  Will show later on the weekend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Charming+Girls+Quilt+Club.bmp (227×163)

This is the monthly theme for July and August - and the goals are due by tomorrow July 15th.....

Body, Mind, Spirit and Quilting are the areas I want to focus on:

1.  Well, I am lugging around extra weight - going to find my pedometer, like Kelly, and get my 10,000 steps in three days a week.
2.  Every three weeks will have an at home Spa Day.  You know, the plucking, colouring, waxing, feet soaking, cuticle removing kind of day.
3.  Drink more water.
1.  Study about the Civil War and follow along with maps.
2.  Read journals and biographies of women and quilting from the Civil War period.
3.  Read other books for enjoyment i.e., just started Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. 
1.  Read the scriptures daily and study a topic of personal interest in the scriptures, ponder.
2.  Date night or day with DH two times.
3.  Take time to relax outdoors in our yard, feel the grass and listen to the birds three times a week.  Be still in nature.
1.  Finish one UFO before starting a new project.
2.  Keep project area tidy.
3.  Make/finish samples for the classes I teach next term.
4.  Overcome shyness about displaying my work.

Well, there they are -  I really tried to focus on what would make me feel more balanced in the next two months.  I am keeping things simple for my self-care.  I could have easily written a thesis on each area, for sure I would have overwhelmed myself and then where would I be....  
No Spa Days, that's for sure!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Joined the Charming Girls' Quilt Club

Charming+Girls+Quilt+Club.bmp (227×163)
A couple of days ago I made a commitment to joining the online Charming Girls' Quilt Club.  Last year I watched as online blogette's shared how much fun they were having being in the club, and when Kelly who is the hostess/creator of the club mentioned in her blog the year was over and they were starting a new year I was intrigued.  She revised some of the guidelines and it looks so good this coming year.  The following is a quote from her blog post today: 
"On a side note, the July 15 deadline to join the "Charming Girls' Quilt Club" (or to sign-up for another year if you were a member last year) is Thursday.  I'll be clearing our member list and creating a new one - so be sure not to miss the deadline (i.e. post your comment) if you want to join us!
For info on how to join the club click HERE!
The deadline to post your July/August goals is also Thursday, July 15.  To comment with the link for your July/August Goals, click HERE!  
I'm so looking forward to another year of sewing and fun with all of you!
TTFN, Kelly"
There is still time if you are interested in joining.  A friend Micki, at Irish Muses, in Ireland just joined and has her goals already posted!  I have really enjoyed the Charm Pack Quilt Along with Kelly this past while and think that the club will fit into my life..... or help me be less productive/scattered. Oh, and have some fun :o)

Hope to hear from your soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

There is a Charm Pack Quilt Along Starting at Freckled Whimsy

I think it was last week that Kim mentioned the Charm Pack Quilt Along starting at Freckled Whimsey.  Moi checked it out and I joined in, and wanted to pass the information on to you just in case you were interested in joining too.  There is still time!!!!  
I am using nothing but scrap 5" squares that I won in a give away last summer.  They are going to be perfect!  In fact I have so many misc. 5" scraps I might make several of the layouts.
 mosaic1a7d3165b2e822eb1e7f70926b3a3948fea0f892.jpg (615×920)
Here is a picture of the possible layouts.  I have the Charm Pack Quilt Along blog button on my sidebar - just click on it and it will take you right to it.  


Monday, July 5, 2010

Doggerel Jelly Worm Poetry Win - What?

Funny thing happened while catching up on reading Heckety Beck (a blogette from ireland) this evening....

I have lifted copied parts of her post to announce the winners of her Doggerel Rhymes contest, and am still laughing that I have a win!

Quote " MONDAY, 5 JULY 2010

Get Ready to Cheer Loudly...

Winners Ahoy!  Funniest,  Best, and A Grand Draw.
The funniest is a joint prize because after much gleeful chortling, no consensus could be arrived at.  So the 
Winners of the Funniest Doggerel Rhymes are......Ta Da!
Gran and Griselda Pugh! (cue Mad Clapping everyone, thank you thank you!!)

Now the Winner of The Best Doggerel Rhyme was unanimous and easy, no fisticuffs involved:  Amanda! (cue Wolf Whistles and More Mad Clapping, thank you thank you!!)  And finally to 
The Grand Draw, much fun was had with this:
Ta Da! LadyDi is the winner of the Grand Draw!!!
(cue Cheers and Even More Mad Clapping, thank you thank you!!)
I'll email the people whose addresses I don't have and by the end of the week there will be THINGS in the post for yez all!!
Well I don't know about you peeps (that's what Eldest calls everyone) but I had SUCH FUN with this contest!  Thank yous all for entering, and if you want to read the winning poems check back to the comments here where they are preserved in aspic for generations to come...well, maybe not...and what's aspic when its at home??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wanna Schnibble With Me?

Hey - Wanna Schnibble with me?  

Kelly at Cotton Charm Quilts (check out her June 27, 2010 post),

is hosting a Schnibble's online quilt along, much like her current Charming Quilt Along that a bunch of us are having fun doing together.

She writes:

"Cuz - I got this idea!  Since we've had such fun doing the Quilt Along, and since we're hosting a

and there are some great prizes up for grabs - I thought it would be fun to "Schnibble Along" together!  You can get all of the details HERE!  But, basically, you'll need to make a Schnibbles quilt (large or small) from the book with Moda precuts and send the entry form to me by July 31.  Since we're participating as an online shop - no hanging sleeve or label is required!
Okay - back to the idea!  I thought we'd have a little "Schnibble Along"!  I'll be making
the small "Imagine" with "Bliss" fabric.  My quilt won't be in the contest of course, but I so want to sew along with you all! 
We have 5 weeks left, so here's The Plan:
Week 1 (June 26-July 3):  Share The Photo of your Fabric & Book, and Cut The Quilt
Week 2 (July 4 - July 10):  Piecing The Blocks
Week 3 (July 11 - July17) :  Assembling The Quilt Top
Week 4  (July 18 - July 24):  Quilting The Quilt
Week 5  (July 25 - July 31):  Binding, Share Photos of Your Finish & Send Entry Form
And, as we go - we can all share our progress!  So - what do ya think?
Is there anyone out there who wants to "Schnibble Along" with me?"

I made the commitment today - come on join me - they are small, cute and you know you love them.  I will post my selection either later today or tomorrow.  Today Kim, who is cast free and I are heading out for an adventure.  I would love to hear if your are going to do the Schnibbles Along.