Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Message Meant Just For You

Slowly I am catching up on reading my favourite blogs.  Opening Fabric Garden a little over a month ago has been wonderful.  If you have stopped by - thank you.  Our web site will be up and running in the not to distant future - when that happens I will let you know here.

In the middle of the Fabric Garden Adventure my mother's health has continually declined.  She who was one of my biggest supporters from the inception of Fabric Garden has never seen the shop.  She now is in hospice and struggling with the loss of her independence and that she is not going to be going home.  So many of you have faced these same experiences with your mothers, so many of you have learned the lessons my sisters and step sister are learning now.  Each of us, but one, live in a different city, and we share the latest needs and changes via email and phone, as each of us takes a turn flying to be there with her.  

Sitting for a bit this evening and reading blogs was meant to be - I read Becky's post at Sweet Cottage Dreams and it was just as if her post was for me.  I got to pondering and thought that you might think the same after you read her thoughts from her heart.

Take a moment to follow this link - it will not take long to read Becky's post and just maybe it will lift you, as it did me, just when I needed it most.

Tomorrow I am going to buy some flowers!  Thanks Becky!