Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging for Dummies

After dragging my weary bones home from the close of Bearpaws and Hollyhocks Quilt Shop - sigh - DH was waiting for me and had some yummy treats he had picked up at a local deli ready to enjoy.  We shared about each of our days and he showed me the mail ... For some reason a Christmas present arrived on New Years Eve with a label - "For Mom - do not open until Christmas."  Well, You know me I just could not wait ...  thank you to one of my three sons, (there was no from name).  
How did you know that I needed this book, eh?! 
People do say,  "when one door closes another one opens".
 - I think this is a sign ...
To all my blogland friends - Happy first day of 2011


Orcsmom said...

Put your feet up and have another cup of tea. You deserve it after this past week!! Hugs!!


Mommarock said...

Maybe you can leave tips now for the rest of us on blogger? I am SO clueless, but I do try..

dianne said...

i'm waiting for "Facebook for Dummies" ... i refuse to play "social network" and my oldest son is punishing me with NO PICTURES of my sweet grandbabies (from the fruit of HIS loins) ... fortunately, his sister knows better and i get to play with her three sweeties in the REAL world...

Peggy MoneyPenny moved to Sacramento a few months ago and i told her about Bearpaws and Hollyhocks before she left (of course, being Peggy MoneyPenny and knowing every-damn-thing, she told me that she had ALREADY shopped at BP&H and knew EVERYONE there already blah blah blah) ... i am sad to see it close - you and Thelma (or is she Louise?) will have to find somewhere else to hang out - just stay away from the Grand Canyon, wouldja?!?

Sinta Renee said...

I can't wait to see what you learn... and share:) Happy new year to you!

quiltmom said...

Hi Gran,
Boys do have their own quirky sense of fun.
I hope that you will begin to recover from the past couple of weeks of busy-ness. It sounds like it has been quite a journey for you all.

Do come and visit my blog- I have a little giveaway going on.
Wishing you a very Happy 2011.

Good luck with the blogging program- I am sure I would learn lots..

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Share some knowledge from the book when you can. Happy New Year!

Heckety said...

Well I get that you couldn't possibly wait until NEXT Christmas to open it...and I get that a new book is always good...and I get that we could all do with learning a bit more about making the most of our blogs...but...BUUUUUTTTTT...calling your Mom a Dummie is really, REALLY DODGY!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

How sweet - hope you'll share all of the good tips you learn with us!

Miss Jean said...

Holy, Moly! I didn't know the shop was closing!!! I'm heartbroken. Keep in touch with me so I know where you and Kim land.

My best wishes to Lindy!