Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Update on Need

Received today from Melinda S.
In my January 13th, 2011 post  I put out a call for help - here - for 
our Knot-y Embroidery Sisters in Queensland, Australia.  I am so thankful for your emails and dropping embroidery supplies on my door step and sending here by mail. I hope more of you are able to spread the word of this great need, no it is not giving blood, yet it is important.  For years these same women in Australia have developed a strong embroidery tradition.  Their talents have reached our shores and we have embraced them whole heartedly.  We can show them we care and are thinking of them.  I am going to share a couple of emails from my dear friends who live in Queensland.

Alison email January 12
Hello there  and so wonderful to get your email.  It is very difficult here - and there's so much devastation. Our relatives were rescued from Murphy's Creek - the worst hit and they are still looking for 2 other families who were simply washed away. Our relatives have only the shirts on their backs and it was a miracle they made it onto their roof. They have their lives and for that we are so so grateful.  I am waiting to be sent into the zone as part of my job includes community recovery - so I have been on the "helping side" before but not had people / relatives / friends who have been caught up in the actual disaster.
It is affecting everywhere - we are safe and high and dry - and so are Lorraine and Keith -  both of us send you a great big hug back across the pond.
Take care.        Ali xxx
It was after reading Ali's email that I realized that there was something that we could do to touch the hearts of the hands hanging down in Queensland.  Her email and Lorraine's email show you the kind and caring, Can Do Women, that they are.

Ali's email January 13
Hi there and that is such a generous idea. I actually get to work in the worst affected areas - and am happy to be the recipient / conduit for you. My address:  Alison George, 169 Niebling Road, Tarome via Aratula, QLD 4309 AUSTRALIA
You tell me where you'd like them to go and I'll make it happen on the ground - if you are unsure of where they should go then I am also happy to coordinate through the various guilds / organisations that do know where the greatest need is ... if that helps.
Your generosity knows no bounds ... thanks Gran it is wonderful of you.
Thanks for your kind thoughts - your sisters in stitchery
ALison (and Lorraine too)
Lorraine's email January 14
Hi Gran,  that's a wonderful idea for a collection of threads and materials for all the unfortunate ladies who have lost so much.  And, because they would have necessary home items to buy first, craft supplies would be right at the bottom of their list.
I am a member of Country Bumpkin in South Australia, who are embroidery suppliers and will act as a collection point for anyone wishing to donate materials and threads, and will contact guilds in the affected areas to distribute them.
Their address is 916 South Road, Edwardstown S. Australia 5039
Alison also has contacts through her quilting group. It would be so devastating to lose everything and just to know people are thinking of them would be a wonderful boost to their moral. 
Where we are there was no danger of flooding but some towns approx. 2 hours away from us had to be evactuted and all homes were distroyed.  It must be so hard to pick up the pieces and start all over especially the elderly.
Hope you and you loved ones are well, Love Lorraine
Please note the address you can directly send to if you wish.  Laurie Becker emailed me she has a contact address and was sending Fat Quarter muslin for embroidery in a box.  Feel free to send your embroidery supplies to:  
Lorraine W., 
c/o Country Bumpkin,  
916 South Road, 
Alison G., 

169 Niebling Road,
Tarome via Aratula, 


Received in the mail today from Lillieanne C.

Any questions please do not hesitate to email me.
  • Yes, you can send your partially used floss.  
  • Remember all those skeins of floss we gathered during the cross stitch craze - well, that is the kind of stash you can get rid of - see it is a win/win for all of us.
  • A Big Thank you to YOU for caring about our stitching sisters in Australia.


Anonymous said...

My heart just breaks for so many who have loss so much. Gran, you are such a wonderful and giving spirit to help bring a little joy to these ladies.

Anonymous said...

So I could send a copy of my own embroidery design with directions that it can be reproduced without end for the ladies in the affected area?