Sunday, May 29, 2011

God Bless Those Who Have Prepared For and Gone to War

God Bless all those who have returned and God Bless those who mourn the valiant that have not returned home.

My heart goes out to you who care for loved ones that have returned from war.  

My heart goes out to our son who works hard and long hours on the wounded who return to Bethesda Navel Hospital.   My heart goes out to his sweet little family who carry on while he is away from them.  

My heart goes out to the beautiful quilting angels who make quilts for our wounded warriors.  Their time and talent being given freely.  It is an honour to host them at our quilt shop - Fabric Garden.

My heart goes out to my father, long dead, and who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force all through the second world war and beyond.

My heart goes out to my dear husband who served with honour for six years during the Viet Nam War.

All brave and true to their commitment to serve others.  

I remember and our family remembers, we will never forget.

Thank you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Collage of Fabric Garden

One of my partner's proud daughter's sent this collage to her this morning.   Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought that I would send it on to you - since I have not been using my camera a whole lot and just having fun running behind myself at the shop - Fabric Garden.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Open, Open, Open Fabric Garden is Open

The dust is starting to settle, and we had a wonderful three day Grand Opening.
The following are some of the photos in our early morning preparation before we opened the doors.  Enjoy.

It was a wonderful three days!  
If you are in the area stop on by:

Fabric Garden
Town and Country Village
2623 El Paseo Lane
Sacramento, CA  95821


Monday, May 2, 2011

Three More Sleeps


Saying, good night, to all you kind blogettes who have commented and emailed me.  I am flying home tomorrow from "the Old Country" where I have been for the past four days.  My mother took a turn for the worst (cancer), is stable now, and under very good care.  She has enjoyed hearing about my Fabric Garden journey all along the way. And she informed me she wants to hear updates about our Grand Opening.  She has been my cheerleader.

If you are in the Sacramento area come on by and say, "Hello".

My previous post has the dates and times.

Saying Good Night from the land where the snow has just finally gone and the promise of Spring is knocking at the door.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fabric Garden Grand Opening

We are all so excited - our Grand Opening is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 5, 6, and 7th, 2011.

Our hours for those days will be 10-6.  Come on by and enjoy!
Fabric Garden
Town and County Village
2623 El Paseo Lane
Sacramento, CA   95821

Phone number 916 - 483 - 2955

Come on by for inspirations in quilt making and embroidery.

PS - The Knot-y Embroidery Lady can be found there stitching away or having a "Knot-y Good Time!"