Friday, January 21, 2011

That Civil War Look

You have got to go see what I just found through the Quilt Hollow link - here 
She talk about bathing her quilts in a tea bath.  I hope she shares how she does that.  On top of all the good information I always read on Mary's blog, she is one outstanding and gifted long arm quilter.  She has done some of my Schnibbles quilts and they were beautiful when she is finished with them.  Yes, she is so good, I send them clear across the country!

Barbara has put together a blog just to "Commemorate the 2011 Sesquicentennial with a Block of the Week".  I even got so excited about finding this blog, that I added the button on my side bar, to give you a permanent link. There now, see that late Christmas present "Blogging for Dummies", is coming in handy!  Well you are in for a treat at these sites.  
Let me know what you think, eh!?


Orcsmom said...

I already printed the first 2 blocks up. I also signed up for Friday Night Sew, I am so excited!! Miss ya!! Hugs!!


Heckety said...

Ooooh! Temptation! (isn't there a song about that??)
How's Himself?

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest for the shout out....I received a warm fuzzy feeling today.

I did see the civil war blocks and considered joining in as there have been some beauties posted. But then applique was spotted....oh gosh.....I've bartered for applique work so decided against it.

You have a blessed day...your family will be on my mind!

Robin C said...

I already knew about the Civil war blocks but the Quilt Hollow is new. I'm off to inspect it and see what I'll fall in love with.

thank you for the beautiful card. And you asked about the picture on my blog, no, I'm sad to say I did not take the picture but a friend of mine did that lives in Ohio.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's going to be colder in Virginia this weekend.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I would love to have Mary quilt something for me. One of these days I will do just that. Thank you for the beautiful card! I have plans to pass it along to a few of my friends who could use a lift. Have a great day!

Pink-a-Palooza said...

Well, well, well...If it isn't YOU! lol..Great to see u today!
I so enjoyed chatting with you and meeting your
Hey, hold the phone,,I didn't see any furry kidz..Ok, I'll find u some!
Anyhoo..give ,me a shout once in a while...
Gael of Pink-a-Plaooza FAME!

quiltmom said...

Hi Gran,
I have enjoyed reading the stories of the Civil War blocks- I found the 7 Sisters block very interesting because I had assumed it was created for the 7 Sisters star cluster named " the Pleides". When I read the history of the block it made perfect sense although I still think of it as a Star block from the sky.
I hope your son is steadily improving- He is so lucky to have such a great mom- he is bound to heal quickly.
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

So are you going to do it? I did the first two when they went up, am dithering on the best way to do #3, and will do #4 tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how time works out. The blocks are great, and I'm determined not to get left behind as a UFO, like I did on my bicentennial quilt!