Monday, January 17, 2011

Word Up - UP

For "Word Up" - Can you believe my word is - "UP", eh?!


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You know when Kelly announced her word challenge for us in Charming Chatter, she used a cute button with "Word Up" to inspire us to pick a word to reflect on for this year.  Well, right from the first time I read the post, all I could think about was the word "Up".  Now, I am a person who loves words, have been since I was knee high to a grass hopper.  So, what was the matter with me, just "Up", no brain twisting pun or a word  borrowed from 17th century Scotland (and there are plenty of those words spinning around in my head), or no profound word that reflects the meaning of life, etc., etc., etc.  Just "Up" surfacing again and again.  So "Up" it is and I am excited about it.

With getting that off of my chest, phew, I am "Up" to sharing a poem that my sweet Daughter-In-Heart, Tianna, posted in her reflections of 2010 blog post.  Our family has been through so much since the beginning of the year, yet we are all "Up" to the challenges ahead, the fun times, and all the dreams that we dream.  "Up" is a verb to me.  

I do not know the name of the poem, yet the meaning is so beautifully stated - Perhaps the author would consider naming it "Up", eh?!

For every Winter there's a Spring-
   Oh, that's the beauty of the thing!
For ev'ry midnight there's a morn,
   For ev'ry loss a hope is born,
For ev'ry sultry day the dew,
   For ev'ry old year there's a new!

Yes, buds for all the leaves that fall-
   That is the beauty of it all,
New dreams for all the dreams that die,
   For ev'ry night a dawning sky-
For ev'ry heartache, failure, fear,
   Another chance, another year!
                         -Douglas Malloch

Goals for January 

  1. Reorganize "The Room" and find places to hide relocated my stash. (Son #3 needs to move back into it during his recovery). 
  2. Make a Fermentation list, with looking ahead, due dates and shop sample dates need by dates.
  3. Find the colour chart for Callie's embroidered quilt, send to my Daughter-In-Heart (we are making it together).
  4. Begin the embroidery on Callie's quilt.
  5. Make an "Up" stitchery.
  6. Start Jenny's BOM Give Thanks (Make the hanger/base for the monthly sayings.
  7. There is so much that I am "Up" too -  take time for rest. 
  8. Write shorter and more often on my blog - who wants to read my long windiness - not me, that is for sure.
  9. These goals are something that I can accomplish - starting now until the of the month.
Take care and be kind to yourself - you deserve it, especially after reading through all my bather.


Teresa said...

I think your word is a good one. Love the poem, just what I needed to read this morning.

Wendy said...

Marvelous word! Like your do-able list too :)

melinda said...

I have just read your blog for the first time in a few months; boy did I learn my lesson...I'll never stay away so long again! I'm so sorry about what you and your family have been through and am joyfully relieved that things are going so well for your son. Net time we meet, I'll bring EXTRA chocolate. Thinking of you....

Heckety said...

'Up' sounds good, sounds like exactly your right word, in fact! Love the poem, its one to remember and pull out often I think.
That's a good few goals for January- busy-busy-bee! This is a good post, and enjoyable!
You've done heaps of work on your blog appearance, its lookin' good! There's a bird knocking on my window, silly thing, the birdseed is on the other side of him...

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a great word - I love it! What a pretty poem, too. Thanks for sharing that! So many great goals - but you can do it! I personally enjoy reading your posts (smile)!!

Pink-a-Palooza said...

Hi its me again..Gael from Pink-a-Palooza..I read back some of your older posts, and see u worked at Bearpaws? Me too! How funny....Are u Shirley? I didn't work much so I know faces more than names...
I may be able to drop the emb supplies off tomorrow as soon as my hunka gets home from work, late afternoon. I can leave it on your porch?