Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally Some Pictures ... Son #3

He continues to improve.  (As in, he can swallow more and more and with healing.)  Doc. said, "His throat is like a bomb went off in there.)  The virus was vicious.  I made up a little photo scrap book for you.  The pictures are not of the earlier days in the hospital.  Just from the time that he was, " - able to sit up and take a little nourishment ...".  He tires very easily and is so patient with all the things he can not do and focuses on the things he can do each day.  

Disclaimer - The slide show area is still a work in progress for me.  Anything that you see that is not so great - it is the operator error i.e. I can not figure out how or why I can not change out this intro picture ... Oh, well!!  Sorry.

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Thank you for your support, prayers and emails.  Reading them to him has been encouraging especially when he needed that! 


dianne said...

give him lottsa hugs from Auntia and me!

quiltmom said...

This was indeed a journey for you all- the mountains changing from winter to spring feel like a rebirth of your son's life. May he continue to steadily improve in the days and weeks to come.
With best wishes to all of you.
Warmest regards,

Kim said...

Kim was here--just sayin'.

Kelly Ann said...

I see that Kim was here before she was jealous she couldn't be on the road trip to bring the son know how she loves her road trips...

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I'm happy to hear that your son is healing!

Miss Jean said...

It's times like these that we can sit back and appreciate what God has done for us and see the beauty in the world. I know that it has been stressful, but it can be a sweet time as well just to be there with him. I'm so glad he is on the road to recovery and you were able to go get him and bring him home.