Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some of This and A Little of That

Well, how are you doing today?  I hope you have a peaceful day and that you do something to feel good about yourself.

Rained - heavy last night and today the sun is shining and there is a stiff Spring breeze.  I know more storms are coming, yet it is nice to putts around the house doing housework and listening to the breeze in the trees and the birds singing.  Yes, Spring has sprung here.

You can follow the link above and check it out if you are interested.  Yes, it does feature  hand embroidery.  I am looking forward to seeing her design because I love her creativity amongst the chaos of raising her little ones.

Another of my favourite designers is Tracy Souza - Plumcute Designs. 

She also is creative while raising her little ones.  You have to check out her site, she is a bright designer who will knock your socks off.  She too is a young mother who is inspiring to the rest of us (over the hill mother's) and who are loving watching and seeing what they do.  You go girls!!!  

Tracy (Plumcute Designs) came by Bearpaws and Hollyhocks to enjoy the Gathering of Quilters that Lindy had last Sunday, March 28th.  She had a gift for me and I am still rocked over with her thoughtful generousity.  Floss to embroider with - my most beloved floss, of all time, from Gentle Arts in Ohio and some Valdoni.  While I have not used Valdoni in any of my embroidery work, it does look very nice.  The Gentle Art's floss is to die for.  The picture does not do the floss justice, and while you can not tell, there are around 80 - 90 skeins there.  You know something, what goes around comes around and I plan on sharing "some" of it with my students.  :o)  

Another bit of something to share - drum roll - I finished the top of the Schnibbles pattern, Sunday Best.  Wee bit late (like a month) yet it is done 

My post on March 2nd, where I was sharing with you what I had woken up to the morning after starting my piecing on Sunday Best.  Never had that happen before - have you?
Anywho, I have moved the pieces all over the house several times and groaned when some would slip and fall.  You see in my maiden voyage with Schnibbles, I wanted to make mine, oh, I don't know what I had in mind, perfect in the way I thought the blocks should harmonize together, and was sharing with my buddy Kim, the mess I had gotten myself into trying to keep everything together, have you ever been there or done that, well probably not, yet, she heard my whining and ever so cleverly suggested a few simple things.  She said it would probably take a couple of hours.... well, NOT!.  It took me longer, but it was done in no time really and I am happy with the results.  Ignorance was not bliss.  Easy is bliss.  Thanks Kim!

Mary at Quilt Hollow is a long arm quilter and specializes in Schnibbles, among other things.  She loves Schnibbles like I love Gentle Arts Embroidery Floss.... We have followed each others blog and it dawned on me that she could be the one to send my Schnibbles to.  So I asked, and she said, "Yes!"  Nice, eh!  Check out her site for yesterday and see what I am talking about.  ALSO, she is having a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Well, #2 son and I are off to find the workshop for the Easter Bunny.    Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

OK, The Rest of The Story- Thelma and Louise at Total Beauty Experience

Been working at the Q shop and then hosted a huge bus of Quilting ladies to the San Francisco, De Young Museum, yesterday to see the Amish Abstraction exhibit.  Pictures and funny stories to follow in another post.

Let's see - oh, yes to the Secret Sale Room............

This greeted us just inside of the Secret Sales room.

There were tables loaded with items, interestingly enough, neither one of us purchased anything from the Sales Room.  We did check it out throughly, and I did take a few interesting shots to show you some of the things available.

If any of you use these products - I apologize for making fun of them.  They just hit my funny bone that day, and I am still laughing at my own purchases.....

Anywho, onto the main store. 

It all started with a basket....... and the hunt was on.  We had one hecky of a nice shop helper and yes, all the shop helpers knew we were there and what our mission was.  They gave us the best customer service and seemed to have as much fun as us selecting the best items for our needs - yes, it was an "old lady's shopping trip."

No, this was not for us.  I just had to take it because I did not know that they sold these products, then again, I don't get out much....

Sure needed this, magnifying mirror - check.

Eye lash curler - check.

Nose hair trimmer - check.  (FYI - Dr. Oz did a demo on his show using this very item.  So, I had to have it....)

Eyebrow dye (opps, they call it "tint") - check.  
I have never tried this and thought that it might take care of those white hairs popping up in my brows. ???  I still have not tried it yet.
For the serious waxers.

I am talking serious.

And then the other "stuff" you need.  I figured it was cost over $100.00 to set myself up with these items.  I am talking serious!

Hair Removal System - check.
We settled on this little kit.  No, it is not for anything other then the top of my mouth. 
No, I did not get this product.  I bet you won't guess what it is for??? 
So I will tell you.  It is for people who have bald spots on their head.  Onto the spot one sprays from the plastic container, the glue "I guess that is what it is" and then sprinkles on the hair dust that is about 1/4 of an inch long.  All those different gray canisters have  different coloured "hair" so that one can match ones colour.  

Neither one of us got one of these purses, but they were remarkable enough that when we spotted them we had to touch.  The shop helper even modeled them for us.
They are made from gym wrappers and/or assorted paper wrappers that most of us throw away.
Perhaps, you have seen these out and about - they were new to me.

It is getting to be pedicure time around here, and this is representative of the various polish removers, polishes and sanding implements that were purchased - check.

What can I say - I do try - check.

We were winding down with heavy baskets, and what did we spot - The Happy Center - check.

This is for me on days when I just need a little "magic" spray and walk down memory lane - check.

I am looking forward to the seeing if the caption on the bottom of the package works.  "We can't change what's happening to your body, but we can change your attitude!"  I am in - check.

We were on our down hill slide when Kim brought this to my attention.

That Kim!

And what should greet us around the last bend towards the till - this and so I crossed off of my list, visiting a Chocolator as our next stop.  This really turned out to be a one stop shopping trip. CHECK!

We were famished and headed to a place that Kim had not been to before (rare because she does get out....) called Denielle's were they serve wonderful crepe's.

Look what we ordered instead - check.

Both of us thought that this lunch sounded good, it was, and they even brought us some Apricot Preserves to enjoy a little sweet with out savory - check.

Yes, this was a perfect ending.  We sat on the patio at Denielle's enjoying the spring air, talking over our latest acquisitions AND talked quilting!
Good friends, good shopping, 
good food, good conversation, life is good - CHECK!

I hoped you enjoyed this in the latest of a series of field trips brought to you by The Thelma and Louise.

PS I still have not seen the movie and haven't a clue who is who, but the adventures so named by my side kick, makes me laugh.
I hope you got a little chuckle out of our adventure.  
Perhaps, you too could come along...........

Friday, March 19, 2010

You Be Thelma. I'll be Louise.

As we were getting into the car after our beauty treatment shopping adventure, with our bags (yes plural), Kim handed me this little lip balm, she is very thoughtful and I was thankful, then I looked at the picture and read the captions.  PERFECT.  We laughed out loud and it was good.

We had our blue jeans on for this field trip.  This picture is for the CEO of "Month of Sundays" so that she won't "RAZZ" Kim for dressing up for a road trip/shopping trip.
We reached our destination - Total Beauty Experience - yes, that is the name of the shop.  And, I must say, it was a one stop shopping experience for us.  This is the sign that was on their front door to greet us.  I just could not resist the photo op, and they did not ask me to stop, so you are going to be getting some "interesting" peeks, (through my eyes, which are, well, let me just say, they have a funny bone in the iris.... and then there is always the "other's eyes" and she has a funny bone in her iris too.)

Following the signs inside the store.
I was laughing already, just reading and following the signs.  In all the years I had been going to this shop I had never seen signs like this leading one through the shop to a secret location.
I loved this display that was the last turn before finding the Secret Sale Room.  

To Be Continued........   Sorry, the sand man is lowering my eye lids as I type.   I hope you come on back for the rest of the story....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thelma and Louise Are Going On A Beauty Treatment Supply/Buying Trip Today

Stand by for NEWS - on our Beauty Treatment Shopping Trip.  

These shoes are made for walking/SHOPPING..... AND she has her blue jeans on (well the picture was taken the other day, because the CEO of  "Month of Sunday's Blogspot" wondered about her last field trip attire.)  See she really does have blue jeans and I have even seen her teach a class with Birkenstocks on, well, she also had slippers off and on that day and funny sunglasses, all patriotic themed and, and I wonder if I can find a picture of that???

Boy did I digress, eh!? 

I am wondering what we might find on this adventure.  I bet you are too!
One never knows, Kim might be hosting another "Spa Day" after our adventure today.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Whole Year of Knot-y Embroidery Ladies

The Bad News - Knot-y Embroidery Ladies is over for this year.
The Good News - Knot-y Embroidery Ladies starts in April 
for the next year.

Monday, April 19, 2010 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Usually the third Monday evening or Tuesday morning of the month.

We had fun all year long.    We have shared so many bits of information, grown in our desire to stitch and for some polished off a talent from years gone by.  

This sweet lady is a high school teacher of special needs students, each day of her week at school could fill a book and yet, she had energy to show up on Monday night with the cutest tee shirt for our end of the year party.  She is a Stitch Goddess, and a fine example of each and every woman who makes it to class each month.  

One of the things we did for our end of the year party on both Monday evening and Tuesday morning, was a "White Elephant" Gift Exchange.  Those who wished to participate brought a "nicely" wrapped gift that was something that they had been given or gotten for themselves and they never used or if they did it was "gently used".  You know - something that you had and were "not really into it" and wished you could find a new home for.... 

We had fun drawing names to take turns picking a gift, and laugh at the packaging and the selection of the donor.  There usually is some cajoling over a coveted item, and that just adds to the fun.

For me, I was very happy to move my items on and not feel guilty that they were sitting around gathering dust at my house.  These sweet ladies were just having too much fun.

As always we enjoyed our show and tell, and seeing who did what for the challenges that I gave them for the end of the year.  Homespun Magazine was the prize that the winner got for one of the challenges and then I like to have drawings for little gifts.  I guess what I am trying to say is that they give so much to me I want to give back to them.

Knot-y Embroidery Ladies do have fun and they truly are Joy Doubled!

I wish I had more pictures to show of the amazing 
Knot-y Embroidery Ladies, there are about 40 of them all together and my pictures never do them justice.  
(Mostly because I am kibitzing about and not remembering to take pictures.)

The sand man is calling - over and out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010




Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thelma and Louise Ride Again

Yup we hit the road again - yesterday.  It was a date that was rain or shine.  Well, it was rain and we did not let that stop us.  We needed to get out and that was all there was to it.  She with her hands and arms and me with my toes, and no one volunteered to be our chauffeur, so we hit the road.

We decided to head north and do our own Quilt Shop Hop.  Perking your interest!?  We had our computer generated directions and a flyer of the upcoming quilt shop hop in April.
I have a history of "taking too much luggage" and I was very proud of myself for my little pile, so much so, I had to take a picture.  Forgive me.

As I said, "Rain or Shine." me arrived at our first QS - Sew So Shop in Marysville, Ca.  (They are not on the bag in the first photo - and that is why we went there, we did not want to leave any QS unvisited along the way up into the foothills.

I made a huge score - found these No. 5 flosses for 50 cents each.  Between the two of us we emptied her basket. :o)

At Morning Star Quilts in Paradise, CA I found these yummy indigo batiks - which is my favourite colour (right now).  Do you change your favourite colour?  I needed 10 FQ's for a colour class I am taking this month at Bearpaws and Hollyhocks by Laurel Anderson.  (The class was full, however, she just opened up a couple more spots, if you are interested call the shop asap.)  Anywho, I picked indigo and went with that for my favourite colour for the class.

While still in Paradise (I like saying that, especially in relation to QS's) we found Debbies' QS. 
I found this super jelly roll of 30's fabric.  Now I can not decide what fabric I am going to use for the Jelly Roll Blocks on line.  Oh, decisions! 
We headed on down to Chico, Ca to Honey Run Quilters, of quilt magazine fame.
While I was taking pictures, guess who was heading on up.  Her philosophy - you snooze you loose......
The shop is as nice as the owner.  She is the one who turned us on to the $7.00 bag that entitles shoppers to 10% off of their purchases (if you spend I think $70.00 at first where you buy the bag.)  Two shops too late, but we figured that with our purchases there alone, yes, we both had over $70 each (blush) that we got our bag for free and 10% off of our total purchase.  If this does not make sense - Kim said, "It's a good deal."  So monkey see, monkey do.

I think I see a Schnibbles coming on........
Don't these look yummy!  No, I did not buy them all.......
We finished, in more ways then one, at The Rabbit Hole QS in Chico.  After we came out of the QS, unloaded our bags, decided we were done and that we would head on home, got our seat belts on, key in the ignition, NOTHING happened.
The guy "splaining" what he thought was the problem....... And Kim showing great patience, because her DH was supposed to have taken care of the battery/electrical stuff several weeks ago - well I will let her tell the story......  I think there was something about $1700.00 involved and it still was not fixed.....
Kim has a tale to tell here.......
Thanks for stopping by - be sure to check out Kim's version of the Shop Hop - she is much better at telling the stories.  We both enjoyed getting together and especially enjoyed the "retail QS therapy!"

I would love to hear about your adventures on a Shop.