Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Back on Blogspot

Here we go again - I am back on blogspot.

I have tried using my very own web site, paid for it, actually enjoy the ease of creating each post and having all the bells and whistles I wanted. So, why did I change back to a FREE blogspot - friends in different parts were having their computers do "funny" things when they tried opening my site. So, after working with the company, and asking friends to view my blog using the browser Safari or FireFox, and understanding that change is not what they are interested in, especially when they don't have to change their browser and they were able to view other blogs without changing, I decided that they had a very good point.

I am happy to change back to blogspot.

It has been nine months since I started on this blogland journey. My learning curve has been a steep incline. I have enjoyed the journey and want to continue the enjoyment it has brought to my life.

Any comments, feedback, advice on blogging are welcome and appreciated. I look forward to your comments.

It is Done, Really, Really Done

This is one of my UFO’s from October 2009 - the Welcome Flag Holder and the February - Theme Penny Rug - designed by Starry Pines Pattern company.

I am taking the class at Bearpaws and Hollyhocks. We met in October for a kick off party and learning the techniques needed to make the Welcome Flag Holder. I promptly took it home after class and did not touch it until our January meeting. (Well, I was stuck on the floss and which technique I was going to use to embroider.) The cast iron stand was included in the cost of the class. I was determined to take the class just to get the stand.

Check out that stand. This picture is of the finished Welcome Flag Holder. It seemed as though I was never going to get it finished. There seemed to be never ending backings and velcro circle to create plus a sleeve to hang the flag with. There is a lot of subtle embroidery on the front and I choose to blanket stitch the piece together instead of binding it.

This is a picture of my finished February - theme Penny Rug.

Even though we all received the same kit, we have the permission of the instructor to create away. My work is pretty much following the pattern, however, I changed the background to a wool, and I think I am the only one who is using Gentle Arts Floss and Wool Floss. Both are wonderful to handle and give back so much to my work. The variegations are engaging and create a vintage type effect.

Another thing I learned from Gretchen, is how to use the Calico Braided Rug needle by Piecemaker. Again, using it made my embroidery and needle work go so smooth. I never want to be without those needles when I am working with wool.

After I get my mess cleaned up I need to get working on my next project - UFO- and you know I have a lot to choose from.

I wish you the same feeling of accomplishment that I have this evening.

Thank you for stopping by.