Monday, June 1, 2009

I can't believe he is 30

"My baby my own..."

This is my number one son at his best...

He is a young hands on father, and has to catch his beauty sleep when he can.
Do you think that the arm position is genetically inclined or just a case of, monkey see, monkey do?

This daddy and daughter nap time was a joy to behold.  
Busy day....

This is a family tradition we hold dear and pass on from 
generation to generation
                                    - drinking water out of the hose.

Sometimes when Daddy can not come home, 
his chicklets go to see him.

"The hills (sunroom) are alive with the sound of (loud) music....."

When I think of the blessing he is in my life I think of the kind and loving father that he has become.  He and my daughter-in-heart are joy doubled.

Happy birthday son - your are so beautiful to me, even when you are sleeping. ;0)



Orcsmom said...

I love the pics! Happy B-day to your son! I have pics of my son when he is sleeping. It's amazing to me that he looks the same no matter if her was 1 year old or 22 yrs old! I plan on handing them down to his kids! Hugs and kisses!


dianne said...

the pictures of my oldest son napping with each of his babies are my favorites - he looks so sweet and innocent when he's asleep...

happy birthday to your son!

MissyMack said...

Awww! What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your son!

quiltmom said...

What lovely pictures of your beautiful family- I love the pictures of my son sleeping as a young child and as an adult. When he is asleep I see a restful look that is very comforting- when he is awake - he is a high energy guy.
I hope your son has a terrific birthday-
Thanks for sharing.

PunkiePie said...

Happy birthday! The sleeping pictures are precious.

Anonymous said...

Just wanna give em a big hug and kiss. They are so special.