Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hunting for UFO's - I Found The Bed Today

I am still gathering and sorting.  "It's actually is not as bad as it looks," I kept telling my DH.  The hardest part of hunting for UFO's is starting.  And wadayaknow, I found the bed today!  I am surprised at how much energy organizing my projects has given me.  And what do you think I am doing this evening while watching The Game?  I am starting a new project.  There is a new technique in my embroidery that I want to experiment with, I just have too, I really, really want to.  So, I am :0)

I hope your day was a pleasant one.  Mine was after deciding to let some negative things go.  It is not worth it.  Sinta, shared one of her quotes today on her blog and I think it is worth passing on, 
"Negative people make me want to wash out my ears!" 


Orcsmom said...

How wish Sinta is! Please let me know how many UFO's you find. That way we can both share with each other when we finish one! Hugs!


M.J. said...

Sweet Gran, I agree with you, the hardest part of me finishing a project is gathering up all the parts. I want to finish some things up this summer. You encourage me. As a matter of fact, you always do. I love working with you as I did on Wednesday. You are always so pleasant and kind, it makes for a very pleasant day for those around you. You are one of my newest mentors. After I came home yesterday, I went to my room, turned the air on and laid down with the magazine you gave me for Katie. I just relaxed in my own little world for awhile. Thank you for thinking of us. I hope you're feeling better, and I look forward to seeing you soon! Love, Mona

Kim said...

I'm thinking I need to find MY bed and go to sleep! LOL! Hey, I asked Hubby about the second game--he said no, it hasn't been played yet but he thinks it's tomorrow (Sunday). I had fun today! See you again soon, I hope!