Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got Allergies? I Do......

I have been busy with finishing things for my classes next week, and a few assorted UFO's,  plus struggling with allergies.  Boy oh boy, they really hit me yesterday.  Other friends are struggling too, but it seems, most of us are being caught off guard so to speak.  My friend Carol was mentioning that she gets an allergy report sent to her email address every couple of days.  It sounded helpful and I subscribed to it after reading it.  Low and behold, Olive trees are causing havoc right now.  Wouldn't you know it, we have many Olive trees in our neighbourhood!  And one of the things I have been enjoying with our unseasonally cooler weather are the delta breezes.   Our windows are wide open welcoming the fresh cool air.   In fact I have been sharing how much I have enjoyed the sound of the breezes rustling the tree leaves while I embroider. Yeah, and the breezes are carrying all the pollen.  I hate to close up the house, maybe I should wear a mask.... not.  

Here is the information and address if you are interested in checking it out:

Be prepared for allergies today! This is your Allergy Alert letting you know that allergy
conditions in your area have reached a medium to high range.


Forecast for SACRAMENTO, CA (on a scale of 1-12):

Today's allergy levels:
Tuesday - 6.5/Medium

Today's predominant pollen:
Grass, Sagebrush/Sage and Olive.

Tomorrow's allergy levels:
Wednesday - 6.7/Medium

How will you feel over the next few days? Click below for your

FOUR-DAY Allergy Alert forecast to find out.


Orcsmom said...

Leave it to Carol Ann! It was great seeing ya tonight! It feels like forever since I have seen ya! Can't wait for Monday night's class. Let me know if I can bring anything. I wanted to let ya know, (I'm sure Lindy may have told you), but the woman who bought your quilt Saturday was so-o-o excited and so-o-o in love with it! Her friend who was with her also was equally, if not more excited! She kept saying, tell the maker of the quilt how much this means to her! I told her, that the person who made that quilt is the most kindest and sweetest not to mention thoughtful person in the world! (AND I MEAN THAT!!!!!!), Lindy said "That is for sure!". I guess what I wanted to say is that you are loved and admired but us all! Don't ever change!

Love ya!

Eileen said...

So sorry Gran that you have those allergeys. Something I have never had but DH had Asthma most of his life I know it is messerab;e/ Take care and like Pam said you are super. Eileen

Kim said...

Hubby's having one of his Meniere's attacks today, and I'm sure it's allergy related. Me? Same as always this time of year, it seems--bothered but trying to ignore it. At least it was hot enough today to make shutting the windows and turning on the A/C easier to do than when the weather was so beautiful! LOL!