Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three Grown Women Sitting Around Colouring

Three grown women sitting around my kitchen table colouring.  We came up with the idea on Tuesday during a trip to the Bay area to visit Colleen's sister, a trip that was in the works since October, when I met Rosa Mae.  

My attempt to make an old design not to "artsy fartsy."   My interpretation anyways.  I am not sure I succeeded and can hardly wait until I get my embroidery going on it.  Don't get me wrong I love "artsy" this piece in my mind needed to stay more plain and to period that it was created.

If you have not guessed these pictures are kind of backwards in time.  Beginner here,  I really do need to spend more time in the tutorials....

I taught my dear friend, Colleen, to embroider after she learned all about colouring mediums, fabrics, stabilizers - Oh, yes, the whole nine yards....  She wanted to learn and that is all I/we  needed to hear.  All my drawers were opened to her and some even dragged out.  It was like Christmas!  She is a very fast learner and has some projects lined up in her imagination, and she are going to make them happen as her time and energy allow.

Colleen is one of my angels.  We were bonded together for eternity when she helped me through my first round of breast cancer.  When my hands hung down she lifted them.  It is my hearts desire to do the same for her.  Last week she was mentioning that all of her time commitments were completed and she was wondering what she would do.  No, she is not a quilter...  We ended up talking about embroidery as a possibility, and she tucked that away in her mind.  After our trip to see her sister and her work, plus stopping off at a quilt shop on the way home, she said that all that night she dreamt of doing the stem stitch and colouring fabric.  She also said, that she does not usually remember her dreams.  Figured it must have been a "sign."  :0)  She was in on the embroidery/colouring - so we planned to get together on Saturday.  Marie was in too.  

I have a treat of a slide show of our "field trip" last Tuesday, to visit her sister in Concord.  Rosa Mae, quilter extraordinaire, whose talent is amazing. Stay tuned in the next week, for a treat you will not  want to miss.  (I have to figure out how to do a slide show...)

Marie and Colleen chatting and working away.

Something I admire about Marie is that she has a talent for not being afraid to try something new.  She is does circles around me in researching things and she is the queen of gathering supplies,  Well, actually, Kim might be first.

Stuff I dragged out.

More stuff.

Some of Marie's stuff.

To be honest, this is not half of the stuff, and the process we went through.  We all had piles of books,magazines, colouring supplies, and fabric.  Yes, we were in heaven. It took us about an hour to wade through it all before we actually began.  But then it always takes time to prepare and gather, well for mumwua. (sp?)

Sorry, I did not have before and during our process/procedures pictures.  It was like Christmas and I forgot to take pictures.  Kim, I am getting there, but slowly....
Would you believe that three grown women were sitting around my kitchen table, colouring, yesterday afternoon?  We were and it was so much fun!

We are going to do it again, and you are invited.


Orcsmom said...

How does the coloring process go? I am intrigued! I am so happy that you two had a wonderful adventure together. It's nice to have someone to do that with. I hope to see you before I go on vacation again. I miss your bright smile! Hugs to Gran!


Linda said...

Yes how is this done? Maybe a tutorial is in order.

Kim said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time "playing"! I think we all need to get in touch with our inner child, and it seems like getting out the color (or colour) crayons is a marvelous way to begin!

Jackie said...

Looks like you girls were having to much fun. Are you going to show us how to "color" in embroidery class??? Would be fun.

Eileen said...

Oh, something old is being revived. Great job. Gran.

Amanda said...

This sounds like fun. A tutorial would be nice!

This is totally off subject, but yesterday some friends and I got together and made a basket to hold our fat quarters. I have never made a basket before. Some times it's fun to do something other than quilting; sort of like an "instant gratification" since quilting takes so long.

It looks like you had fun. Thanks for sharing.

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