Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hunting for UFO's

Say here is a give-away that you might be interested in - nice blog and stuff.  I have tried to cut and paste the picture, but alas I don't know what I am doing....


A hunting for UFO's I will go,
A hunting for UFO's I will go,
I'll find them, organize them, finish them
And off to friends and family they will go.

June is my finishing UFO month!

Can I do it?  I plan on giving it a good try.
Yesterday I worked and today is D-UFO-Day.

I have started a side bar gadget thingy with my list so far.  To be honest I do not know what I am going to unearth and how long the blankity, blank list is going to end up.   Should be interesting.  Our youngest son comes home on June 26th from a two year mission and he has got to be able to find his bed and have a place to put his things, don't cha know.  So, that is why, now that June has finally arrived and I have to put my foot to the metal, so to speak (pun intended.)

Cheerio from the definitely effected UFO :0)


Yvonne said...

Good luck Gran! My sidebar isn't big enough to hold my list and anyways I think the length of it would really scare me.

You must be so excited to have your baby coming home. :)

Orcsmom said...

Great idea about the sidebar. I would be very nervous to post my list! I am sorry I won't see ya today. Hope you son finds his bed! I'll see ya in a couple of weeks then, until then, take care and hugs!!!