Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MIA for a WEEK!

Long story short - server problems.  I think we have it solved - I missed you.

I will share a few fun things from the past week over my next few posts- 

Roddy - he is our little Shiatzu or Shih-tzu who turned one this past week.  He has been with us since he was eight weeks old.  He does not bark, talks to us in his little throat sounds and is an all around delight to us all.  HE IS MY D-O-G, especially when things mishap or if he needs to "learn to behave."  No problem, he is so smart and sweet, playful, takes all sorts of "playing with" when our precious grandchildren come to visit, he learns fast and just wants to be with me and do what I want.  He also thinks that he is to be on my lap when I am embroidering or at my feet when I am at the sewing machine.  What a guy!  Here are some pictures from his birthday bath.  The after are appearing first and I am sure I will learn how to move them sometime soon.

Do you have a special "someone" in your life?



Orcsmom said...

Yeah, Gran is back and up running again, YEAH!!! Your Roddy is adorable. You already know who is special in my life. Tonight, my son is going to show me how to downloan pictures from my camara onto the computer, so I can post, I cannot wait. I plan on taking a lot of pictures from quilt camp. I may even take my computer, I think they have wireless in the lobby, if not, guess I have to bite the bullet and go to Starbucks! Hope to see ya soon. Hugs and welcome back!


quiltmom said...

Nice to see you back in blogland- Roddy is one cute dude- My parents used to have a Shitsu dog named TJ. My mother loved her very much. She unfortunately had a short life.
We have two pets- a dog named Dusty and a cat named Mars. We have had Mars for 10 years and she is a bit of a princess (aren't most cats?) I love her - she is always entertaining - flushes the toilet and then runs like crazy..
Dusty is 8 years old and we have only had her a year. A friend was moving to Halifax and could not take her with him. We had had to put down our big dog named Venus last spring so we were happy to have another dog. She is a character- thinks that she is the queen of the house even though Mars has a differing opinion. They are quite the pair and have adjusted to living together after nearly a year. Pets are so much fun!
Happy quilting,

Kim said...

What a sweet baby! Glad to see you back, and I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing about what you've been up to since our Thursday excursion!

Yvonne said...

There you are! Your baby is just the cutest little thing. I have 3 ragdolls cats who pretty much run the house and us. :)

Winona said...

Ohhh, your Roddy is so cute. Looking at the pictures of him brings back memories for me. We had a Lhasa Apso, named Jake. We lost Jake about 4 years ago at the age of 14. I loved him so much. He looked alot like your Roddy. I believe these two breeds are kind of like cousins. They look alike anyway. Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures. Winona