Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Acorn a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

You know I have seen many of your posts of you sending and receiving treasures from your blogland buddies, some from around the world.  The whole connection to each other was not concrete to me until Kim offered to send my two blocks along with her two blocks to Tracey in Australia for the quilts for the fire victims.  It was exciting seeing our blocks along with countless others on her blog.  If any of you in Australia are reading this today, please know that you are cared about with warm quilting hearts in our part of the world.  

Surprise, Surprise in yesterdays morning mail was a package from Eileen from "My Quilting Porch" who shares her majestic views from her porch and her quilting talents.  We got to sharing our love of nature after her spring photos of the crocuses that she planted were popping up.  I noticed the acorns in the photo and shared my love for acorns.  I offered to send her pine cones from my yard for some acorns.  She passed on the pine cones, since she had some, but offered to send some acorns.  They arrived  gently wrapped and cushioned in a rose fabric that my brain says, "Smell those roses, just, smell those roses."  I did and no the fabric does not have a scent on it but, a fresh clean smell, but they conjure up the scent of roses in my mind.  I have something in mind to make and send her as a thank you.  This is fun.

Thank you Eileen - the acorns are precious.  I put them onto a brass candle stand for the photo and I am going to put them into a apothecary jar to keep on the window sill near my sewing machine.  They tickle me pink and lift my spirits.

I would love to hear if you have had a similar blogland experience, and what it meant to you.



Orcsmom said...

Now I know what you are going to do when you mentiotned acorns to me at class! The fabric is pretty, it looks like you can just pick a rose up and I can start to smell the sweet,tender smell of the lovely large pink petals! I am so proud of you learning how to post pictures on your blog! Now, you need to share with me how to do so! I stayed up and watch both episodes of MI-5 last night. Hubby even watch with me, and I traced a rooster out to start tonight in redwork. Have a wonderful Monday, and I will see you tomorrow, I have machine quilting class with Lindy, tomorrow evening! Hugs!


Kim said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say "hi"! The acorns are wonderful!