Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Rest of Thelma and Louise

This is a photo of Mary who kept "following" us.  She is in one of Kim's classes - Hey, Ghoul Friend and she also takes one of my embroidery classes.  AND no she was not shopping for either of our classes, she was shopping for a different class that she is taking.  
Gad, she must quilt 24-7.   I am going to get these two shots made up for her and present them to her in class.  I think the pictures capture the giggle and the joy she is to be around.

The scissors were gigantic and very impressive.  Just had to have that photo.  What is going to a quilt shop without dragging out a whole line 
of fabric to work it and work it over and dreaming about the combination possibilities.  I am using Harper Ferry for my Clues in Calico class that I take once a month from Lindy. 

Susan is in pink, Vivian is in green
and Sharon in the linen jacket is the shop owner.

These ladies were alot of fun and so helpful.  They love their job.

Oh, the button were decoration on the guest book at the check-out counter.  Love those buttons.                                                                                                                                                                       We - Kim and I, headed over to Shared Stitches for a Grand Opening tour.  

This is a picture of the owner, who was very kind to us.  I asked her if the mannequin with the toile (black and white) apron could be turned around to face the inside of the store.  She was very happy to do that for me.  She could see that I was very taken with the apron.  

This is one of - guess who?

Shared Stitches

Yes, I am still working on photo layout and I have made some progress (even thought you can not tell - so hang in there with me, please.)

There were so many moments that were funny and the whole time was sunny inside and out.  

Will Thelma and Louise go on other adventure's - yes.  Only thing holding us back are time and money :0).  Stay tuned.

PS.  All subject's gave approval when asked if I could take their pictures.  They even told me their names,  I remembered them for a while, but now, a week later, they have melted into funny fill in the blank names.  Holly with the hat from yesterday's post and Mary from this post are correct.  Sorry, I will do better at this.  Maybe even carry a notepad.  

The finish of Da Vince Code is on TV and I hear my embroidery calling my name.



Orcsmom said...

Can't wait for the next installment of Thelma and Louise!


M.J. said...

I read yesterday's post and here's what I have to say--You work like a dog, you put me to shame in the energy department, and you eat a healthy and disciplined lunch. Yep, you pretty much are perfect. As always, love working with you. Love ya, Mona

Kim said...

Okay, I'd like to know why it looks like I'm in a big condom! ROFLOL!

Gran said...

OMG - I never saw it that way. I was having so much fun with all the special effects. I might change it - but then I might not. :0)