Saturday, May 16, 2009

My S.T.A.B.L.E. Group

My pictures are first bkz I could not drag them.  I am a work in progress, and yes I was following Kim's outstanding tutorial.  
Here is Pat having a good laugh at something.  
Instead of whistling while you work we share and laugh the evening away.
Multi tasking at its best.  Carol is standing with the black top on.  She is an angel and you can even see her halo shining above her.  She spreads cheerfulness where ever she is.
Hey, look at Kim's Quilt hanging on the wall.  Beauty, Hey!  She is teaching that class on June 6th it you are in the Sacramento area.

Marie was hard at work sewing her pieces together and all of a sudden she exclaimed,  "Look what just happenend!"  Have you ever had that happen before?  Quite remarkable, you could not have been able to make that happen if you tried.  That Marie is a whiz!

How did your Saturday go?  Pleasant I hope.

Mine was one of my favourites of the month.  The third Saturday of the month is my S.T.A.B.L.E. Group.  What the heck is that you ask?  Well, it is a group of quilters who have graduated from Fabric Economics 101, taught by Carol at BP&HH.  It is a three month course that explores the acquisition of fabric that some might call an obsession.  It was advertised as, "A thrifty way to quilt in today's economic world by using your own favourite fabrics from your "scraps and stash."  It is a program for those "who just can't buy any more fabric until they use up their stash."

Graduation from Fab. Ec. 101 qualifies students to join the "STABLE" Group - a sewing and dine out group.  What does STABLE stand for you ask? - here goes - 
Stash Treasures Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.
Yes, we really do drag in our stash/treasures and work on reducing them.  In fact all of us who have husbands have their full support and don't mind being without us on the third Saturday evening of the month between 4 and 9:30ish, depending on where we go out to dine.  :0)

All the women are delightful and we have a great time chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company while we work on reducing our STABLE.  Carol, is a great teacher and leader.  I have a lot of fun being with her and the other grads.  Tonight there were only seven of us, the others were off to soccer tournaments, traveling and weddings. 

One of our ladies had an interesting thing happen when she was piecing.  Ever have that happen to you?

Thanks for stopping by,  please leave a comment and join me again soon.

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Judy said...

Looks like you had a great class! Don't worry too much about the photos. Sometimes when I "grab" them to slide them into place they don't stick either. It has to do with that tiny little blinking cursor. If it doesn't show up, the pictures don't like to stay where you put them. I generally try for the end of the sentence in the paragraph and that seems to work!