Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Visit in a Long Time - County Fair

The following photographs are from a trip to the County Fair over the Memorial Day Weekend.   It has been years since we have gone and when we heard that "seniors" got in free, DH and I looked at each other and decided it sounded pretty inviting.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we are going to make it an annual event from now on. 

The following are pictures of several spinning guilds and the theme was Hawaiian dress.  Do they have sheep in Hawaii?  We were thrilled to see the exhibits because DH comes from family that traveled far and wide in the old country doing Sheep to Shawl competitions.
Working hard!
Well done!
This is very nice to see.  All indoors and air conditioning.  In the old country they do it out doors in the fields.

Happy carders.
 This shot is for Kim.  I was disappointed that Vince was not working this shift....
  Beautiful glass.
 Cute pillows, neck pillows and slippers.  This is the company that makes the cute flamingo slippers that a blogland buddy has on in her ID photo.  They are cute.  I looked for a pair like Kim's bunny slippers but they don't make them.
  This company make silk flower thingys that all the girls are wearing on hats and pants.  My daughter in heart makes the cutes ones to go on headbands for our little grand daughter who is one.
  People watching.  And, yes, she gave me permission to photographer her.
  Lots of young riders.  Brought back memories of years and years of Ride to Walk, a therapeutic horse back riding program our DS participated in.
  More people watching.  Got to love the hat.
  DH and I fell in love with the wheel barrel gardens.  Since DH is now planting out in the back forty, I call him my gentleman farmer now.
This one received the first place ribbon.
  I hope you can read some of the signs in this wheel barrel.   Dead, Alive.....
Cute ideas.
Sorry, I ended up with two of these.

We had a great time, wondered around to our hearts content, had our share of greasy food and headed on home.

Thank you for stopping by.


Kim said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me at the Sham Wow booth--LOL! It looks like you had a fun time! I've never been to the Sacramento County Fair--I'll have to go next year.

Orcsmom said...

We used to go to the county fair, but we didn't go this year. We always enjoyed it more than the State Fair! Great shots, you are really very talented with your photography skills! Not to mentioned your posting of pictures on your blog. Take care, hugs!


dianne said...

i love those lady bug slippers - but my pink flamingos are still the bomb-diggety!

and the wheelbarrow gardens are too cool - now THAT is a great way to garden in limited space!