Monday, December 6, 2010

Thumbs Up

Thumb #1 goes to Dianne at  A Month of Sundays .  She had the most interesting event happen in her home recently.  I highly recommend that you visit her post.  In fact I highly recommend her blog, that is why you can always find her on my sidebar.  Thumbs up Dianne or I should say Auntia.

Thumb #2 goes to Kim for putting on Tamale Making 101.  
You can find her rendition of the event here -  
Kim's Tamale Sequel   Our Tamale making at Kim's home yesterday was a wonderful happening.

Thumb #3 - my hungry guys gave thumbs up this evening when they taste tested some of the  tamales for dinner.  I think we have a winner here and a new family tradition.  THANK YOU Kim and my gal pals.

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

excellent! I will have to jump over to Kim's blog and read all about your "class".

dianne said...

that was fun - i love your little pinata!!!

Auntia has posted her OWN version of the Tale of Thor Thumb (gosh, i wish i'd thought of that sooner) - it is remarkably similar to mine ... she doesn't mention that i almost hurled when she told me later about the needle-down button - ha ha ha!