Saturday, December 4, 2010

"My Soul Is Fed By Needle And Thread"

Below are some pictures from High Hand Nursery last February - 
can not have a blog w/o pictures :o) 

Today's Stash Manicure  Stash Manicure  is featuring Molly of Molly's Place.  Perhaps you read the post too, if not, the links are here for you to check it out.  Molly is brand new to me and I think she looks like fun and is going to have the cutest FREE BOM next year called Boot Boogie, and has a sneak peek in her post.  My gosh it is so cute.  I want to do it.   
She wrote, "And yes my soul is fed by needle and thread, and I am sure that is for most of you here today!~  Hi, I'm Molly from  Molly's Place.   I'm here, once again, to try to help you Manicure your stash.  I come here regularly to get inspiration from all of you and this is just a little "pay back".   It just so happens that I have had a little FREE Block of the Month going on over at my place the past year called "TREE TIME".  I started it not only to bring interest to my blog, but to challenge myself.  My goal was to learn new hand embroidery stitches and to make sure that the blocks were simple enough for everyone to do--even beginners.  In the beginning, I did not plan to use wool, but as my blocks evolved, I decided to do just that."
 Over and Out for tonight - 

been making my beef filling for Tamale making at Kim's tomorrow.

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