Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got My Tamale Filling Made

My beef tamale filling is made
and I am ready to go
It won't be long 
before the big show
I am leaving in my old car
Don't know if I will ever be the same ...
Sung to I am leaving on a jet plane - kind of

This is the before picture
of Tamale Making 101
At Kim's home today.

Wish me luck getting that hot vat of filling 
across town without spilling it -
Ohhh, Right
I can hear you laughing now -
I'll be one Hot Tamale ...


Orcsmom said...

I am jealous!! Have a wonderful time. I can already hear you all laughing and having fun!! Enjoy!! Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Oh....sounds fun but the best part is the homemade tamales! YUMMY

Lindah said...

Hot tamales! Ohhh, Yum!

dianne said...

chili today...
hot tamale!!!

maybe santa will bring you a locking-lidded crockpot for christmas - have you been a very good little girl?

Kelly Ann said...

Hey took my are one hot tamale....

quiltmom said...

I have no doubt you are one hot tamale- I bet you ladies had way too much fun together- I know that you are probably sore from laughing so much together.
Ah the joys of friendship- We all need those times together.