Thursday, December 2, 2010


Something I am having fun with is a Thanksgiving piece.
See, I really did take my embroidery on the cruise.  
 I found a quiet nook one early morning and enjoyed my embroidery heaven while sea bound.
The fabric is a beautiful toile called "Plymouth" from the Alexander Henry collection.  It has been out for year or two and has been calling my name.   Boy was I in luck to find just enough for an idea ...  Knowing me I had to figure embroidery into it, eh!  It will eventually be a table topper.  I am using Cosmo's Seasons to embroider the turkey's, corn, apples, pumpkins.   Someday when I finish it ... you will see the most wonderful border fabrics that compliment the subtle shades of the embroidery floss. 
Thanks for stopping by - Tootles.
PS - Thelma and Louise head to High Hand Conservatory tomorrow.  
Stay tuned.


Yvonne said...

Great idea....can't wait to see the finished topper. Have fun!!!!

Kelly Ann said...

As I explained to your partner in crime...behave, I don't have the funds available to bail y'all out of the slammer..

dianne said...

i can hardly wait to hear about your exploits - if i lived there, i'd be in the same cell and there'd be no one to post bail - ha ha ha!

love the pilgrim toile - i'll bet that turkey was a bear to stitch...

paulette said...

♫She's back in the saddle again♫...Loving it!! Thelma and Louise ride again!! Doesn't get any better than this!
Have fun and take lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

Neat idea...have fun today!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

How pretty and a very clever idea. Hope you don't get into too much trouble! :)

Robin said...

Wow, great idea!! Good luck getting Thelma (or is she Louise) to eat healthy, LOL!