Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup and Cup of Tea

We were talking to University Son (#3) yesterday, and the subject got around to the USA Soccer Team.  It was not meant to be and Ghana won the game when they played the other day.  So, they are out of the World Cup and I along with the whole country are sad.  They played well and there are some moments that will live in US Soccer history.  Most of all they made us believe and their true grit and courage are an example for us all to follow.  
I will miss ringing Kim's house after each goal to hoot and hauler!  The guys on our team worked hard for four years, their efforts took them a long way and they made the country come alive with soccer.  
We are looking forward to watching the remainder of the World Cup.
Who are you rooting for?

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PunkiePie said...

How sad is that... I didn't even know they lost. Out of the loop when you're staying up in the mountains with no TV for a few days. Sad to hear that.