Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kaaren's First Friday Freebie

Kaaren has a wonderful blog called The Painted Quilt - when I grow up I want to be like her....  Yesterday, she posted her First Friday Freebie pattern (she does that on the first Friday of the month.)  When I saw this yesterday I had to make a copy and found the right fabric to transfer it to.  (Kim gifted me with four cotton place mats that have a red border - they had embroider me written all over them and she said that they were calling my name ;O), she is so sweet she even washed and ironed them before she gave them to me.)
Here is the link to Kaaren's blog - you are in for a treat - tell her Gran sent you and said to say, "HI!" (No, there is no give away, nothing, just a friendly neat place to visit - you'll see.)

Slow start here this morning - last night I was out carousing at BP&HH with book club.  It was my turn to bring the treats.  Yes, cheese cake and cupcakes from Bel Air....  High sugar and some ice tea is what I brought.  I love the book club ladies.  We are going to be writing a book and putting out a calendar in the future.  It is in the planning stages right now....

I think the week is catching up with me and I am just going to gear down, enjoy being home and reorganizing some more in The Room.  #2 son flies in from the East Coast tonight at 9 pm and I have a fantasy of making a Key Lime Pie for his debriefing over the kitchen table.

Sending good thoughts and a wish for you to have a peaceful day.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a nice thing for her to do! How cute, too! LOVE redwork!!! love love love love love it!

Thanks for sharing,

Miss Jean said...

Your book club sounds really fun. Great friends, great book, great dessert. Priceless!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Love the red work..great post. My book club met here Sunday night and guess what I served them...KEY LIME PIE...GREAT MINDS STICK TOGETHER RIGHT?