Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WooHoo my QAL top is DONE!

There you go Kelly and Darlene.  Done!
I can hardly wait to see the rest of the group's!  
Confession - I choose to make my border the 5 inches and not insert the 9 patches into the corners.  Why, I wanted to have a 5 inch border and was going to make my 9 patches into 16 patches.  It would have worked, however, I decided to go for the look that I have with this fabric.    

Yes, indeed I did make the nine patches for the corners.
And yes, I did sweat bullets over what I was doing....
  The nine patches and the remainder of my 5 inch strips will make a cute small quilt.  

I have had fun making the quilt top and looking forward 
to seeing every one's tops!
Thank you Kelly and Darlene!


Quilt Hollow said...

Good job! I had problems with mine only because my errors so I have a mini. Hee!! I plan to quilt and then round the corners on my borders.

Rhonda said...

I love it. Your quilt is on-point with piano keys for a border....two of my favorite things.......great job!

Heckety said...

This is just lovely! The fabrics and the contrast are a great combination! Well done to you- give yourself a pat on the back if you're not too stiff from sewing!!

Teresa said...

A great quilt!

Kim said...

Great job! It turned out really cute, and I like the piano key border as you've made it.

pinsandneedles said...

Great sewing! I love to see the different ways everyone is doing their QAL quilt! What a fun QAL!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh, it turned out SO pretty! And, I just love what you did with your borders! Wonderful sewing!!

Micki said...

The quilt is lovely. You will have to tell me when the next shnibbles quilt a long is, as I am not that well yet, but would love to join in on the next one. I have been wanting to make a quilt like that. Thanks for stopping by, and I am now a follower of your blog.

Heidi said...

Oh, oh, oh! I love your Charming Friends quilt! This is so cheerful. I just love your fabric choices.

Hugs from Holland ~

Béa said...

Your quilt turned very pretty !
Hugs from France.