Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kim Lives On

2nd Update on Kim

Kim is doing well.  Well, better then well!!!  
Maybe it is the drugs, but she is mar-val-us.  (Said with a Billy Crystal interpretation of Carlo Montalban accent.)

I drove up to her home and who should come out to the car - Kim.  Looking, well, very well.  She had on her make up, her hair looked good, and she was not in an old house coat and slippers.  (To be honest I do not know if she has an old house coat and slippers.)  She was feeling good too.  We unloaded the things I brought to cheer them.... they both were doing fine.  

So after a short time, Kim says, "What are your plans for the rest of the day?"  They were open, and she suggests we get out for a bit, and hit the used book store that we had been wanting to go to.  Wow, was this the same Kim who was almost paralyzed with anxiety over her surgery, and what she would have to deal with in her recovery?  

Kim found about eight other books of some of her favourite authors and I found two.  I got her home in about an hour and she was ready to settle down for the evening.  

Her hand and arm are in a cast that will probably come off on the 30th when she goes back to the doctor.  She is so funny testing out all that she can do and can't do with her cast on.  It is delightful to see her genuine excitement as she discovers what she can do - it is like watching someone open a Christmas present.  She following her doctors instructions to the letter!

I have a feeling that she will be blogging before the day is out or in the next couple of days.  I will keep you updated if there is any news.



quiltmom said...

Hi Gran,So glad to hear that Kim is doing so well. She is fortunate to be surrounded by loving friends like yourself. I look forward to seeing her new posts and of course, hearing from both of you the adventures of Thelma and Louise. What is better than having a great friendship. You are a true treasure. Thanks for keeping us posted.

dianne said...

thank you, Gran - i'll stop holding my breath now

Miss Jean said...

I'm so glad that Kim is doing so well and has a guardian angel to help keep an eye on her!

Lorraine said...

So pleased to read that Kim is doing well....not that I doubted her ability to bounce back so readily! So no chance to force feed her with raw food then?

Kris said...

Nice to hear Kim is doing well!