Friday, March 19, 2010

You Be Thelma. I'll be Louise.

As we were getting into the car after our beauty treatment shopping adventure, with our bags (yes plural), Kim handed me this little lip balm, she is very thoughtful and I was thankful, then I looked at the picture and read the captions.  PERFECT.  We laughed out loud and it was good.

We had our blue jeans on for this field trip.  This picture is for the CEO of "Month of Sundays" so that she won't "RAZZ" Kim for dressing up for a road trip/shopping trip.
We reached our destination - Total Beauty Experience - yes, that is the name of the shop.  And, I must say, it was a one stop shopping experience for us.  This is the sign that was on their front door to greet us.  I just could not resist the photo op, and they did not ask me to stop, so you are going to be getting some "interesting" peeks, (through my eyes, which are, well, let me just say, they have a funny bone in the iris.... and then there is always the "other's eyes" and she has a funny bone in her iris too.)

Following the signs inside the store.
I was laughing already, just reading and following the signs.  In all the years I had been going to this shop I had never seen signs like this leading one through the shop to a secret location.
I loved this display that was the last turn before finding the Secret Sale Room.  

To Be Continued........   Sorry, the sand man is lowering my eye lids as I type.   I hope you come on back for the rest of the story....


Laurie said...

YOU are a tease! What was in that secret room?????

PunkiePie said...

OOOOOO Secret Room! I want to know more!

dianne said...

that's better - ONE of you has on a pair of sensible shoes ... now i just have to convince the two of you that PROPER blue jeans are FADED and RAGGEDY - especially around the bottom where they were too long in the first place and have been stepped on till there are loops of hem (for tripping)

Eileen said...

Yes, you really are both a big tease. At least this time she has her shoes on with a picture of her foot. Will be back later.

Sinta Renee said...

the suspense is killing me... looks like this could have been a whole lot of fun!

quiltmom said...

I can hardly wait to see what is in the secret room and I love that lip balm. Did I tell you that I am Thelma and my good friend Valerie is Louise? The lip balm made me laugh.
You and Kim are quite the pair- I am sure the secret room was not quite the same after you two arrived.. I am looking forward to the next installment. I am sure you had lots of fun together... Hugs,