Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thelma and Louise Are Going On A Beauty Treatment Supply/Buying Trip Today

Stand by for NEWS - on our Beauty Treatment Shopping Trip.  

These shoes are made for walking/SHOPPING..... AND she has her blue jeans on (well the picture was taken the other day, because the CEO of  "Month of Sunday's Blogspot" wondered about her last field trip attire.)  See she really does have blue jeans and I have even seen her teach a class with Birkenstocks on, well, she also had slippers off and on that day and funny sunglasses, all patriotic themed and, and I wonder if I can find a picture of that???

Boy did I digress, eh!? 

I am wondering what we might find on this adventure.  I bet you are too!
One never knows, Kim might be hosting another "Spa Day" after our adventure today.  


Lorraine said...

You girls are just having way too much fun!!

Kelly Ann said...

you two are trouble with a capital T....LOL

PunkiePie said...

Can't wait to all about it!

dianne said...

are those HEELS?!? are you kidding me?!?