Sunday, March 21, 2010

OK, The Rest of The Story- Thelma and Louise at Total Beauty Experience

Been working at the Q shop and then hosted a huge bus of Quilting ladies to the San Francisco, De Young Museum, yesterday to see the Amish Abstraction exhibit.  Pictures and funny stories to follow in another post.

Let's see - oh, yes to the Secret Sale Room............

This greeted us just inside of the Secret Sales room.

There were tables loaded with items, interestingly enough, neither one of us purchased anything from the Sales Room.  We did check it out throughly, and I did take a few interesting shots to show you some of the things available.

If any of you use these products - I apologize for making fun of them.  They just hit my funny bone that day, and I am still laughing at my own purchases.....

Anywho, onto the main store. 

It all started with a basket....... and the hunt was on.  We had one hecky of a nice shop helper and yes, all the shop helpers knew we were there and what our mission was.  They gave us the best customer service and seemed to have as much fun as us selecting the best items for our needs - yes, it was an "old lady's shopping trip."

No, this was not for us.  I just had to take it because I did not know that they sold these products, then again, I don't get out much....

Sure needed this, magnifying mirror - check.

Eye lash curler - check.

Nose hair trimmer - check.  (FYI - Dr. Oz did a demo on his show using this very item.  So, I had to have it....)

Eyebrow dye (opps, they call it "tint") - check.  
I have never tried this and thought that it might take care of those white hairs popping up in my brows. ???  I still have not tried it yet.
For the serious waxers.

I am talking serious.

And then the other "stuff" you need.  I figured it was cost over $100.00 to set myself up with these items.  I am talking serious!

Hair Removal System - check.
We settled on this little kit.  No, it is not for anything other then the top of my mouth. 
No, I did not get this product.  I bet you won't guess what it is for??? 
So I will tell you.  It is for people who have bald spots on their head.  Onto the spot one sprays from the plastic container, the glue "I guess that is what it is" and then sprinkles on the hair dust that is about 1/4 of an inch long.  All those different gray canisters have  different coloured "hair" so that one can match ones colour.  

Neither one of us got one of these purses, but they were remarkable enough that when we spotted them we had to touch.  The shop helper even modeled them for us.
They are made from gym wrappers and/or assorted paper wrappers that most of us throw away.
Perhaps, you have seen these out and about - they were new to me.

It is getting to be pedicure time around here, and this is representative of the various polish removers, polishes and sanding implements that were purchased - check.

What can I say - I do try - check.

We were winding down with heavy baskets, and what did we spot - The Happy Center - check.

This is for me on days when I just need a little "magic" spray and walk down memory lane - check.

I am looking forward to the seeing if the caption on the bottom of the package works.  "We can't change what's happening to your body, but we can change your attitude!"  I am in - check.

We were on our down hill slide when Kim brought this to my attention.

That Kim!

And what should greet us around the last bend towards the till - this and so I crossed off of my list, visiting a Chocolator as our next stop.  This really turned out to be a one stop shopping trip. CHECK!

We were famished and headed to a place that Kim had not been to before (rare because she does get out....) called Denielle's were they serve wonderful crepe's.

Look what we ordered instead - check.

Both of us thought that this lunch sounded good, it was, and they even brought us some Apricot Preserves to enjoy a little sweet with out savory - check.

Yes, this was a perfect ending.  We sat on the patio at Denielle's enjoying the spring air, talking over our latest acquisitions AND talked quilting!
Good friends, good shopping, 
good food, good conversation, life is good - CHECK!

I hoped you enjoyed this in the latest of a series of field trips brought to you by The Thelma and Louise.

PS I still have not seen the movie and haven't a clue who is who, but the adventures so named by my side kick, makes me laugh.
I hope you got a little chuckle out of our adventure.  
Perhaps, you too could come along...........


Kelly Ann said...

I was sure this story was going to end up with you both behind bars wearing an orange jumpsuit...

quiltmom said...

I loved your visit to the secret sale- that Canadian breath spray made me burst out loud laughing OMG..... too funny..
Your salad looked delicious pickles, olives, purple onion and I am guessing a vinegar dressing.. Yummy...
Such fun you and Kim have- Thelma and Louise is a very good movie - you'll have to watch it sometime.

Brenda said...

OMG! That was hilarious! My thought on the wax would be, "So, after I apply the wax, I panic... and three weeks later I'm still walking around with the piece of tape waiting for someone to rip it off because I sure as H*** am not pulling that thing off, LOL!" I'm such a coward! LOL!

dianne said...

i'm with Kelly Ann - you two are trouble with a capital "T"!!!

i need some of that "morning sucks" soap for a certain young woman who ALWAYS wakes up on the wrong side of the bed - unless it's afternoon and she's completed her beauty sleep, uninterrupted ... sheesh

so ... does Canada really smell like peppermint?

Kim said...

How did I miss the red with white polka dot and blue "Look Better Naked" spa stuff? I'm looking forward to our next excursion--tomorrow!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Too funny!

Jan said...

Priceless! Hilarious! And all that other good stuff ... I thoroughly enjoyed that and had several ROFLMA moments thru out! Tks so much for sharing :)

Jan said...

Oh and you must rent "Thelma and Louise!" It's a great movie :)

Heckety said...

'Primal Body Whip'....that about sums up yuor shopping trip!!

Yes but what did the sales assistants think of you photographing all their displays? Actually they probably thought you were bowled over by admiration of their products....I hope none of them are bloggers.....haw!haw!haw!

PunkiePie said...

What a GREAT adventure! And you must see Themla and Louise. Young Brad Pitt is all I have to say. ;)

Kim said...

Well I do hope you two don't end up like Thelma and Louise.........
for now looks like you are having ball......
and I thought I would see some quilting or wool project!

Happy sewing