Friday, February 19, 2010

What I am up to while my two toes are up -

Nothing exotic - why?
Throbbing, burning toes and Tylenol.
Also naps, hobbling back and forth to the bathroom, and foraging for something to eat that I do not have to make.  I have gone through all the chocolate chips and pretzels left over from the super bowl weekend.  Yes, I know fruit and veggies would be better for me, yet, when I am not feeling 100% there is nothing like salt and sugar.
With all that in mind, do you think I would work on something special?  Not!
This is a panel that I have for times when I wait in a doctors office.  It makes me feel like I am being productive when I need to pay attention to dodging people coughing or a small one with green snot and bright fever rosy cheeks.  It also has been great to stitch on while watching the Olympics.
I am loving the Curling, Hockey, and Figure Skating!

What are you doing while you are watching the Olympics?

Happy Friday, DH is home, maybe I will have a gofer?? Not.


Anonymous said...

I've only caught bits and pieces of the Olympics with doing some binding work. Sure hope your toes are on the mend soon...still hurts for me to see those bandages and they aren't even my toes!!

dianne said...

green snot and rosy cheeks ... don'cha just love the little ones who act like they're gonna give you hugs but they're really just wiping snail trails on you?!? ha ha ha!

as for the olympics ... well ... i keep forgetting that they are on

Orcsmom said...

The Olympics have been great for my stitching. As for Curling, I just don't get it! Can't wait for Sunday, USA and Canada in Men's hockey. And YES, I am cheering for Canada, they got the "Burger Line"!! Let's hear it for the San Jose Sharks!!!!