Monday, February 8, 2010

Poo Poo Paper - Am I the only one who didn't know?

LIFE  has been busy with my mother visiting from the "old country" for the past twelve days.  She needs one on one and I kept her busy.  On the way to the airport this morning, she said she really enjoyed her visit with our family.  

I feel like I have been away and want to catch up with all of you - my blogette friends.  Sewing and Stitching has mostly gone by the wayside and I hear some thread and fabric wanting to be made into something fun.  Well, why not!!

After getting home from the airport, I sat right down at the computer, and a cup of tea.  Wondering was really what I have been doing and came across this interesting information and thought of you.  Hee!  Hee!  Perhaps I am the only one who has not heard of this unique item - then again, perhaps not. Check it out - it is for real.

"Turning Poo to Paper

Your source for hand made paper stationery.


The making of paper starts with the collection and processing of the dung pulp. Elephant dung is typically full of short to medium grained fibrous materials from the elephants diet which when processed makes excellent paper:


• We collect naturally dried elephant dung poo from elephant conservation parks and bring it back to our paper-making factory."

It makes me LOL and then think OMGosh - what do you think?  Are you ordering any?

Well, I am off to do laundry and find a stitchery.



Orcsmom said...

I am so glad you and your mom had such a good visit. Can't wait to hear about all of the fun things you two go to do!


PunkiePie said...

LOL. Okay, that is kind of too 'over the top' for me. Nope. I won't be buying any. Which "old country" is your mom from? My uncle talks like that and the only "old country" I have to reference is Poland...

quiltmom said...

You are too funny gran- I love the pooper story-
Hope you had lots of fun with your mom-
Do drop my blog- I am giving away some bracelets that I made-

Hugs from the girl from the Old Country,

Heckety said...

Yup, heard of that, they make it in East Africa as a local industry and the paper is lovely...and doesn't smell!!!!! But it can stay where it is, thank you very much, a little too recycled for moi!
Glad you enjoyed your Mom, and she enjoyed you too! Happy sewinggg!
And thank you for all your comments at my place- lovely to have you visit! And have you seen Kim P.? Is she doing ok with the infection/teeth/wrists? Poor thing.

Jan said...

LOL, I think I'll pass!!!!! So nice that you got to spend some "quality time" with your Dear Mom ... I hope her jourey back home is a safe one :)

dianne said...

a little birdie told me that you had a birthday! i hope it was the happiest ever!