Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st -Time for Tea and Embroidery

Time for Tea and Embroidery

Lindy Munday who owns Bearpaws and Hollyhocks was receptive to my "brainy" idea of having an open Tea Party AND relaxing with our embroidery or other hand work.  I think in my "sales pitch," I said something like, "make a Tea Party and they will come."  Yes, I was stretching it when I played on the title of one of my favourite movies about baseball, "Field of Dreams."  Lindy, had a little twinkle in her eye and said, "Yes!"  Thank you Lindy!!!!  

January 29th was the first Time for Tea and Embroidery.  

My mother who came down from the Old Country to celebrate her birthday the previous day and to celebrate mine a week later was up for the event. Plans for the Tea had been made long before her visit plans were made.  Well, we had so much fun reminiscing about Teas of our past.  Afternoon Teas in friends homes were the norm.  There is nothing like a bunch of ladies sitting around in someone's living room balancing tea cups and saucer and tea goodies, but no one let that stop them.  Most showers were tea parties, there were teas after bridge groups, funerals, in the back yard, engagement celebrations, and trousseau teas were really big.  I know I am not mentioning half of them.

I set the menu and we had fun preparing the squares and the sandwiches.  

My mother making the sandwiches.  

And I made the squares.

Blushing here - I forgot to take pictures of the set up or during the Tea.  What can I say - I was having too much fun.  The above picture and the one that follows where after I had begun to pack up to go home.  Sorry!  The best laid plans - out the window.

The Tea was pretty and we all had a fun time, especially my mother.  She dragged an old, very old stitchery, down with her.  She thought that she might enjoy picking it up again.  

Kim gave me a formatting lesson at dinner last night, and I am excited to see if I got her lesson.  There is nothing like taking notes on a paper placemat....  Thank you Kim.

2nd Time for Tea and Embroidery to follow in the next post - if my formatting turned out.


quiltmom said...

You are a gem, Gran- What fun you all had together. I love the tea cosy- I have a couple - I tried making one from a pattern last summer but the design was flawed ( or maybe it was me LOL)but the cosy would fit a pot the size of a demi-tasse.
The blog looks great- Kim is a good teacher.
Trying to write report cards during the Olympics has been a real challenge- my focus is not what it could be... Hope to post this weekend too.

Kelly Ann said...

O'man I wish I lived closer...I'd come to the next tea....we'd have a blast...

Kim said...

The formatting looks great! Funny thing about those paper placemats, eh?!

Orcsmom said...

I think I need to borrow your placemat! I am attending your next tea for sure!!



Shelley said...

A Tea Party! I love tea parties! We should do a virtual one!

Yvonne said...

It all sounds so wonderful!