Friday, February 19, 2010

Toes Up

Enough already about my toes.  See what happens when I have too much time on my hands (well, my bottom with toes up!)  I am having fun joking around about this predicament, but enough already, except - one last post on the subject ----
Diane at Month of Sundays mentioned her sister had foot surgery the same day I did and she mentioned "help" that her sister might not be getting.  My words of advice to pass on and for any of you who might find this helpful, "... some FYI to pass on to your sister.  Get her a whistle.  Not a little silver or china bell, get her an all around good old fashioned plastic whistle.  My neighbour gave me one when I had my first mastectomy.   A bright Yellow Whistle!

(She is a very wise woman, knows men and she also knew the men in my house.)  I thought that you would like to see a picture of it.  It has saved my life, well, not really, just made a great need get met a few times.  AND you can bet I am not getting rid of it.  I hardly have used it, yet, I keep it tucked away in a secret place, these many years, so it will not disappear.  

My DH did go out today for Neosporin Ointment.  For the next two week I have to soak my tootsies 2 times a day, and afterwards lather on Neosporin (my big toes) and then swaddle them (my big toes) in bulky non-stick bandages.  Cute, eh!  DH also picked up a Cadbury Caramello bar for me and Tapioca Pudding.

 (Yes, they are my favourite comfort foods - I guess I am stretching it by calling them comfort foods.)  I guess I will keep him....  (surgery was Wednesday, this is Friday).

I completely forgot about the Sew-In tonight - sorry Heidi - next month.  I think I will just stick with the panel that I am embroidering and relax.  I have a couple of things calling my name, but they will have to wait.

How long does it take for recovery?  Any of you have this done?  Please let me know how long it was for you.  Most important to recovery is not getting an infection or infections.  Then the biggy - shoes.  I think for now I will be wearing sandals with socks over the bandages bkz I can not get my feet into my shoes.  :o)

What are you working on this evening?

As for me I am soaking my feet and watching Denmark and Canada in the curling match.  AND then creme de la creme, Ice Dancing starts tonight.  O Canada, eh!  I think I hear my accent returning.


Kim said...

Accent RETURNING? When did it leave?! LOL! Hey, those Canucks did pretty good with the ice dancing tonight, eh?

Kelly Ann said...

When our dogs are laying around on their backs we say that are "FPU" or four paws up...I guess you'd be "TTU"...Two Toes Up....LOL....

dianne said...

ha ha ha! when i wrote "at the same time" i meant that Nicci had surgery on both of her feet at the same time, not on the same day as yours - it was actually about six years ago - and now HER feet are quite lovely, too ... ugly feet tend to run in my family (oh look - a pun) and i don't go anywhere without socks and shoes (don't want to scare small children)

she couldn't wear her shoes for a couple of weeks - but after all the swelling and bandages were gone, her shoe size went down two widths (and she gave her old shoes to me - woo hoo!)

dianne said...

by the way - the whistle is a SUPER idea!

and i think tapioca pudding is the bomb-diggety!

quiltmom said...

Gran, You can eat my share of the tapioca pudding - can you feel me cringing at the thought- its a texture thing for me but the chocolate bar is something different altogether.

The ice dancers were great on Friday and we hope they continue to do so- they are so beautiful on the ice

The whistle idea is one terrific idea - Hope you are not too uncomfortable..

Hockey will soon be on- Canada versus USA..
Go Canada GO.
The Olympics are great - some amazing stories..

Shelley said...

Thanks Gran for reminding me to take time for me! sometimes a person just needs to hear that and it sure puts things in focus :) Too bad I didn't live closer..I could escape to your house, put my feet up with yourrs, stitch and watch the Olympics!LOL

PunkiePie said...

Socks with sandals. Warmth yet ventilation. LOL. Sounds like your on the road to recovery.

Heckety said...

Healing time...hmmmm...I'd say it took as long as you enjoy being waited on, fed, and have hand projects to complete...nine or ten weeks??? Depends how many embroidery projects you'd like to get finished!
The whistle is a GREAT idea, I have my old hockey ref whistle (yup, ould wobblebottom here used to teach and train the junior boys hockey teams and rugby fitness in her youth!!!)and I'm going to find it and hide it nearby!