Thursday, September 16, 2010

One For The Squirrel

Yesterday morning while checking into blogland and having my morning cup of tea, what should I see out side my kitchen window - 
I grabbed my camera.
Is he smiling?
I did not bother him one bit.
See how he pushes the top down, eh!?
After the "Photo Shoot" and he was through eating ... I checked out the feeder   He had eaten right through the top of the bird feeder by pushing down the top   (It was supposed to be squirrel proof and slide down and cover the holes where the birds eat if one should try to eat the seed.  Everything has worked just fine all this time - who knew that this little guy this year would chew away the top of the feeder on one side and around the corner.  His weight does move the outer cage down and sits there happily reaching into the top of the feeder.)
All these years the squirrels have "respected" the routine - the birds always dropped enough sunflower seeds for them ...

Now, we have two, well maybe three choices.  
1. Get a new and "improved" anti squirrel, bird feeder.
2.  Fill the feeder only half full - well below his reach. Wait and watch when the "fat, full and roundly packed tummy squirrel sits on top of the feeder and the bottom falls off.  
(I have visions of him being catapulted into the tree ... )
3.  Find the big plastic dome somewhere in the garage ...  we bought it a long time ago to deter squirrels ...  it did not then.  I could dream it might work to keep this guy out of the bird seed.

What should I do?
What would you do?


Kelly Ann said...

Our feeders sit on a post and it has two squirrel baffles that keep them from coming up from the ground...they work but when the trees start growing over the post when have to trim or the squirrels attack from above

Barbara said...

At our house the squirrels are just as welcome as the birds. Yes, we go through lots of seed, but we love seeing all the squirrels on the feeders and jumping through the trees. So cute!

Robin said...

I would enjoy the show and the squirrel's ingenuity. Who says only the birds should get to eat, right? The squirrel told me he's tired of spitty bird leftovers that fall out of the feeder, LOL!

Micki said...

Oh get a feeder just for the squirrel...he is so cute!

Kim said...

Be grateful. The other evening when the Wild Child and I came home from the Hundred Dollar Store, we saw a big "rat" running down the sidewalk and told Hubby about it. Hubby saw it again last night--turns out it's a baby possum. I'd rather have a squirrel! LOL!

Anonymous said... squirrels and we have an abundance of them. I say feed him too...he likes your treats!!

dianne said...

Auntia would be out there pitching bad apples at it!! and shaking her fist! and yelling! i know this because that is exactly what she did when Mr. Nutz started attacking the peaches...

i was wondering about your experience with Ms. JBM - but i read Kim's blog this morning and i think i already know the answer ... she may create "art" but she is also kinda bitchy, eh? i haven't (and won't) taken a class from her directly, but about 15 years ago i experienced a silk embroidery class that was taught by one of her former students (who had not nice things to say about her) who WAS willing to rephrase things and let me touch and didn't get pissy when she had to pete and repeat (i was having a LOT of trouble with a feather stitch - i STILL can't do one without someone holding my hand)

i LOVE your work, Gran - and Ms. JBM can go sit on a tack - arsty fartsy, my arse!

PunkiePie said...

That little stinker! They are clever. They will find a way into that feeder no matter what you do.

txag80 said...

1. There is no such thing as squirrel proof when free food is involved!
My squirrels hang by thier toes to get into my bird feeder.

He's the same one I really want to get the underpants for.

Teresa said...

those darn squirrels can be so determined.