Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Embroidery Stuff and A Couple of Resources

Tea Towels finished on the East Coast for our dear family minus the cute chicken ribbon.  Tinker Bell played with the cute chicken ribbon she found in my embroidery things - well what was I going to do, it was not breakable and I could iron it..... When she put the ribbon down and went on to other things, I gathered it up and put it way.  End of the story I never could figure out where I put it, looked high and low, finally found it when we returned home and I was emptying my suitcases.  It was way down in the front deep pocket of my carry on. 
Pin Cushion I made for my daughter in heart while we were on the East Coast.  I love working with wool and need to photograph some of the fun things I am making with wool.

Penny Rug Flag and the February Penny Rug.

I love and use Judith Baker Montano's books Elegant Stitches and Embroidery & Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool.

You might be interested in some embroidery videos.  There are a number of them on the web and Mary does a good job.

Here's to a good Tuesday!


Eileen said...

Thanks, what a great resource!


Thanks, you can always learn something new. Love having resource tools!!

PunkiePie said...

Thanks for sharing!

Sinta Renee said...

Love your tea towels... thanks for sharing those sites! That was a nice pin cushion you made for your daughter too!

Quilt Hollow said...

Thanks for sharing! Also...why didn't I think of putting a flag pole/quilt holder (hee) in my house!! I could see next stop at Lowe's or Hobby Lobby I will be watching for one!

txag80 said...

Hi - I was a first timer at your lovely Tea Party last month and have finally found the scrap of paper that had your blod addy on it!
Your blog is wonderful and you are so busy! It's an inspiration to know you are out there being so creative. See you at the next Tea Party (not THAT Tea Party - you know what I mean)

quiltmom said...

Hi Gran,
I had the privilege of taking a course from Judith B. Montano's sister, Karen. She used teach courses out of a LQS called Earthly Goods. It is a lovely store on the south Side of the city. She was teaching us the crazy quilt - I have had a partially Christmas stocking made for a long time but just never have got back to it. I have parts sewn together to make a vest too. I try not to have too many UFO's hanging around but somehow these ones have got put to the back burner.
Nice tea towels and pin cushion. Love the wool flag too.