Friday, April 30, 2010

Eileen-of the East Coast-"My Quilting Porch"

Eileen - of "My Quilting Porch" renowned and a blogging buddy (blogette) who has nurtured me along in my quilting and blogging, lives on the East Coast, Boonsboro, Maryland.  On our trip back to the East Coast, Eileen and I thought that since I was going to be in the same state, that we could meet for a couple of hours in-between her DH's needs and my family needs.  We were able to stay in touch and fit the visit in between visiting the Anteatim and Gettysburg battle fields.  She live right between them in a quaint little boro of Boonsboro.

We got to Boonsboro just fine yet we took the wrong road up the mountain, and ended up on her street, only on the other side of the mountain.  So we got to see the "other" side of the mountain, we called her, she "talked us down" and got better directions, plugged them into the GPS and drove back to Boonsboro then straight to her home.

What a joyful moment in time to meet her, chat with her and see her "Quilting Porch".  The chicklets picked acorns in her front yard while we visited. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell took home a bag of them.  I guess in this case the "nut" does not fall from the tree because I love acorns too! :0)

Just before we left she surprised  me with a breath taking treasure.  A table runner she had made in 2000 using the first Quilt for the Cure Fabric.  She gave it to me, knowing I would treasure it because of surviving breast cancer twice.  Well, I will treasure it because she gave it to me and her piecing and hand quilting is exquisite! Thank you Eileen!

Here are a few pictures back home in my kitchen.

Her work is exquisite!

Tiny hand quilting stitches!

This shot shows off the fabric design on the Quilt For a Cure fabric.
(I think it is the first of its kind.)

A close up of the label-

It reads:
The Annapolis Quilt Guild
Pink Ribbons and Flowers for Cancer Cure
Fabric and Pattern by Bonnie Dena Strotton
made by
Eileen Schamel, Boonsboro, MD
Jan. - Feb. 2000
For my Friend Gran - "Shirley" 4-14-10

Thank you Eileen!
You can check out her blog page at the following link.
She is going through a very tough time - you can read about it - send her a hug.
PS - tomorrow is the deadline for entering my blogiversary give away.


Laura said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit; how wonderful for you to have the opportunity to meet a friend!

Quilt Hollow said...

Isn't meeting up just wonderful?! Sweet little momento gifty as well. ( to see you too!)

Lindah said...

Thank you for this lovely post about Eileen. I've been reading her blog for a long time. She does indeed need all our prayers and encouragement at this time. I'm jealous that you got to meet her in person --or "in living color" as my mom used to say. Just this week, I found your blog and I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted.
Linda H

Sinta Renee said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! What a nice opportunity! Thanks for sharing... now I have to go see Eileens blog:)

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Holey Moley..what a visit.What a gift..what a label...great blog post! sniff sniff.


quiltmom said...

What great pictures of two lovely ladies- Gran I am sure it was such a terrific afternoon together.
What a perfect present to receive- I was fortunate to win one of Eileen's giveaway gifts- it is a miniature quilt that has her lovely handiwork on it. It was a very special giveaway prize and I have it in my sewing area to admire.
How nice it is that you could have visited her just now.
Thanks for sharing your lovely time together.

Kim said...

What a lovely quilt! I have a few things made by Eileen and she does really lovely work--I treasure them!