Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walking On Air

"I feel like I am Walking on Air!" is what I said to my oncologist as I left the examination room late this afternoon.  (Breast Cancer - second mastectomy was three years ago.)  He has the ability to watch carefully over my body and lift my spirits.  He said that I am looking real good.  How about that!  He gives me every reason to have hope.  A quilting friend was sharing what her doctor told her during one of her visits, he said, "If you promise me not to worry, I promise you I will tell you when to worry."  Isn't that profound!  My doc does the same for me and we have had very frank open discussions.  So, skipidy-do-da I'm walking on air.

To celebrate DH ordered Chinese Take Out from Green Jade.  The best Chinese food, ever.  Lemon Chicken is my favorite and he ordered that.  What a guy!  Neither one of us had to make dinner tonight and that is a nice treat.

Now I have a new dilemma in my life.  Sew/embroider or work on figuring out all the tabs on the blog.  I would love to figure out how to share pictures.  BUT I need to gather the things I take with me to Kim's Hat Party class on Saturday and then I have to sew this months Saturday Sampler so I can take it in on Saturday and not have to pay for the next kit.  It is a fantastic deal at BP&HH each 1st Saturday.  I have had a whole month and kept putting it off.  I guess I had better sew.  

So, adios.

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet support.

A joy shared, is a joy doubled. 


Orcsmom said...

You are such a blessing to all who cross your path, and I mean that with the most sincerity!


Kim said...

Hey, why don't we celebrate your happy news on Saturday? We'll have a Hat & Tea Party! LOL! Wonderful news! I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. I just may have to manufacture an EXTRA LONG supply list for you though--ROFLOL!

Anonymous said...

I just came over from Kims. Congrats on the new blog but especially for "walking on air". Isn't it just the most joyous feeling? It was my third year from breast cancer surgery on Monday. I recently read advice to never postpone JOY. Thank you for sharing your joy. I am still smiling.
I wish you so much happiness. You have earned every second. Have a good weekend quilting.

quiltmom said...

Congratulations on your good health news, Gran- long may it remain true- what a nice way to celebrate - good Chinese food with your nice husband.
I am sure you will have a wonderful time at Kim's class- food, fun and quilting is a great combo..
Kim's blog was one of the first one's that I ever visited - I lurked around the blogs for over a year before I started mine last September.
I have enjoyed meeting many quilters from around the globe- it has been a truly enjoyable experience.
If you are interested do come and visit my blog at
Welcome to blogland